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Rockford Register Star newpaper article
Wed July 11, 2007 10:02 AM
SUB: Chivalry Cattery
I would like some help on how to deal with a woman named Roberta Beller who
owns the above mentioned cattery. I signed a contract to buy a snowshoe kitten
from her. I talked to her once on the phone and she was pleasant however after
that phone call, she did not answer e-mails that I sent requesting pictures or
information about the kitten. She cashed the $600.00 check (the price of the
kitten) I sent in June. The kitten was to be shipped to me in Florida from Chicago
IL, and despite repeated requests about what airline she would be using, how
much the fare was, she never responded. The kitten was to be shipped July 11th.
Several days before that I called and e-mailed her, asking her to get in touch with
She e-mailed me on July 9th, telling me she would send me my money when she
sold the kitten (my kitten), and insulted me.
I will be contacting the better business bureau in Chicago, the sheriff’s office, and
Cat Fancy Magazine (where I saw her advertisement). Can you suggest any
other action? I have now heard this is not the first complaint about her.
April 2006
What follows is a series of emails that deal with, are sent from, or are about a cat breeder
by the name of Roberta Beller, the owner of Chivalry Cattery.
Roberta Beller
Chivalry Cattery
5352 Joshua Court
Gurnee, IL 60031
5087 Wilderness Trail
Rockford, IL [protected]
She is not part of the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. and never has been.
We have chosen not to include several other emails that contain profanity. We believe
there is sufficient information provided to allow you to draw your own conclusions.
If you receive unsolicited emails from this person, you have several options in which to
respond. We recommend that you do so to eliminate further harassment to yourself and
others by her.
She has repeatedly demonstrated continued email harassment of people in response to her
fabricated issues. Unless you are interested in receiving emails like these we recommend
disassociating with her any anyone whom she deals with.
You may also consider contacting the
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
9015 Junction Drive Suite #2
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
Direct Marketing Association
To opt-out of receiving unsolicited commercial email, use the DMA online form at which is effective for one year.
I have spoken with the person who was attacked about the recent spew of hatred coming forth from Roberta Beller,
Chivalry Cattery. It is clear from Beller's ranting that she is a very hateful person. Her attacks are completely irrational
and unprovoked. Her remarks crossed the line from cat-related issues to ugly personal statements about religion
and business and scurrilous remarks about her cattery (which Beller has never seen). She said that this attack felt like
Beller had plunged a knife into her heart. The remark about her religious belief was out of line entirely, and was most
upsetting to her. To insult anyone's beliefs is crossing a line, in my opinion, and is unacceptable.
According to her, Beller also made ignorant remarks about an individual she knows, calling the woman names such as
"###". These horrible E-mails were sent to her, a kind person whom Beller has never met, but whom she chose to
attack with cruel words and without any reason whatsoever.
To make matters worse, Beller carbon-copied these hurtful e-mails to a long list of recipients on her e-mail list. Many of
these persons are other cat breeders. It humiliated her.
That behavior of this sort is a misdemeanor, and is called "E-mail harassment." It is a illegal to harass, (such as
stalking, ) and such uncalled for E-mails can be reported to the police, whose job it is to take the evidence (the E-mails)
and investigate the person who is accused of harassing another. No one is allowed to disturb the peace of another by
phone, or by e-mail. There are laws protecting the public from this sort of cruel harassment. Police will take this
The means of fighting back are our rights as citizens. We do not need to spend money on lawyers. We have the power at
our disposal, all we need to do is act.
Step Number One: Report the harassment to your local police. Bring copies of the E-mails. This is
evidence. If anyone should send me any such e-mail I would consider it to be harassment. I would file a complaint
against that individual with the local Police. The case would then be turned over to a Detective. After the detective has
investigated the matter, a disposition would be made. Perhaps an indictment would be brought. Perhaps only a warning
to desist. Perhaps the perpetrator would have to appear in court and explain to a judge why it was necessary or prudent
to send venomous, harassing and even threatening e-mails to a person. And furthermore, the detective might investigate
why the perpetrator sent copies of the ugly and insulting e-mail to other breeders, causing such anguish. She was so
traumatized by Roberta Beller that she was afraid to read any of her e-mails for days afterwards. She was the victim of an
attack. And she had done absolutely nothing to deserve the vicious attack.
Step Number Two: A second consideration is the fact that Beller finds her victims by means of ads in national
cat magazines. Cat Fancy and Kittens USA magazines have editorial policies about cat breeders whose ethics render
them unworthy of the privilege of advertising in that magazine. In order for a magazine to deny a breeder the right to
advertise, the editor of the magazine must receive at last 3 written complaints, signed, from persons who have
experienced ill treatment at the hands of the accused advertiser. An editor cannot take steps to deny a breeder a listing
unless there is evidence that the breeder has behaved in such a way as to bring the magazine's reputation into question if
the ads are continued. Those horrible E-mails are evidence.
Step Number Three: another way to stop a person who is guilty of a pattern of viscous e-mail harassment is to
complain to the e-mail server. Beller uses AOL to perpetrate her attacks. No Internet server wishes to continue to serve a
client who uses their server for harassing other people, slandering and insulting them and making rude comments about
their religion and businesses. They have Customer Relations Departments that are staffed with people whose job it is to
protect their employer by preventing the service from being ill-used.
Their address is: Community Action Team
America on Line
22265 Pacific Blvd.
Dulles, VA 20166
I have outlined three ways that Beller can be stopped, but it will take courage and determination on the part of each of
her victims. She can be effectively shut off from spewing this venom all over the Internet.
She is not the first person who has been attacked by Beller. And she won't be the last unless someone fights back.
To: <[protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 9:50 AM
Subject: I am voiceing a complaint to alert members about!
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Dear Diane,
I was checking out Breeders and came across a Cattery called Chivalry
so i e-mailed her and asked if she had any Lilac Balinese, she replied back and told me she had
kittens and the price, i then informed her that i was interested in purchaseing a kitten to breed. Then she got
back to me again and asked if i was a CFA breeder? I got back to her and told her i was and then she
proceeded to send me some very nasty e-mails, I would like to send them to you so you can see for yourself.
She swore at me insulted me and also talked about you over the internet, she then included people in the emails
she sent me, she contacted Breeders and involved them, and made this into a nightmare, i hardly slept
last night and the girl who i have been working with to make my website she knew of her and did damage to her
cattery in the past i found out, she contacted breeders and made up lies about her cattery and the girl closed it
down. I am so outraged at this woman and she has sent me 2 more e-mails today.The womans name is Roberta
Beller and she said some horrible things about The Traditional Cat Association too.
To: <[protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 2:32 PM
Attach: Re_ Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese.eml
Subject: Fwd: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese
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In a message dated 3/14/2006 8:52:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, RobertaBeller writes:
In a message dated 3/14/2006 10:40:32 PM Central Standard Time, [protected] writes:
Notice that none can write and all lie. It takes an extremely low IQ to be recruited by Fineran
and her phony fancy.
This is exactly why either TCA needs to be shut down OR we all need to spay and neuter
kittens before they leave us.
I would never want any of my babies in the hads of people like this. On her website her King
is pictured in a dirty pen with a litter box full of ###.
Her "Applehead" cats are not Appleheads.
Diana Fineran is misguiding, misinforming and PROMOTING people to behave like this...
----- Original Message ----
From: [protected]
To: [protected]; [protected];
bernadette.[protected]; [protected]
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 11:27:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese
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From: [protected]
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2006 23:26:16 EST
Subject: Re: Hello i am looking for a lilac kitten Balinese
In a message dated 3/14/2006 10:18:31 PM Central Standard Time,
Yes i am a C.F.A breeder.
When another breeder contacts me inquiring about kittens, I expect a formal
introduction and mention of breeding in the FIRST correspondence. Otherwise, you
are to be considered dishonest. You went so far as to ask me for a price of a pet. You
obviously have not been,
Roberta A. Beller
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To: <[protected]>
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 8:55 AM
Hi Diana,
My friend, (a TCA member), had the horrible misfortune to have crossed paths with
Roberta Bella of Chivalry Cattery. She sent me the copy of their communications. Bella
claimed she was out to deceive her because she only inquired about the availability of
kittens in the first e-mail and then informed her of her interest in breeding in the second email.(
If she were trying to deceive her she never would have volunteered her interest
in breeding rights at all) Apparently this unleashed Roberta's famous tirade of assault
which involves sending the transcripts of the e-mails to several other breeders at the same
time in an effort to launch her attack..My friend was so upset by her verbal
abuse that she couldn't sleep and called me.This has happened to another breeder that I
know and can only assume that it is not an isolated event. She was also quite insulting to
the TCA organization as well.
I do know her and she is a wonderful caring breeder who certainly didn't deserve that
kind of treatment.
I can't help thinking that this is one very angry destructive person.My friend is concerned
with the damaging affects of Robertas instant vicious gossip chain and really feels
To: <[protected]>
Sent: Friday, August 18, 2006 11:49 PM
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Hello Diane,
Last year I had a huge blow out with Roberta Beller from Chivalry Siamese, she is associated with Louis
from Permes Cattery, as well as BluesCats, Glasslipper, Obsession Cattery, Shoobox Cattery, and one
other that escapes me. I do not associate, nor condone the behavior that they display. They are mean,
back stabbing, aweful people that have done nothing good for the breed. I was once good friends with
the girl from Obsession cattery, and have much inside knowledge to the workings of these above listed
catteries...they are nothing more than high priced kitten mills. Inbreeding is prevalent, as well as birth
defects. One of shooting cattery, associated with Permes, asked me about trading a kitten once...they
asked if I would be ok with them "hanging papers"... so much for a pedigree that is true, and correct
huh? Needless to say I didn't bother to return emails.

What follows is a series of emails [images] that deal with, are sent from, or are about one Roberta
Beller, the owner of Chivalry Cattery.
She is not part of the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. and never has been.
We have chosen not to include several other emails that contain profanity. We believe
there is sufficient information provided to allow you to draw your own conclusions.
SUB: Roberta Beller Cattery Closing!!!
I just heard from a Bengal breeder in Illinois, that Robert Beller of Chivalry Cattery in Rockford,
Ill had a stroke last month and it was discovered that she had been collecting cats. There were
over a 150 cats found in deplorable conditions, and were seized by breed rescue in Sycamore, Ill.
Roberta also has stage 4 cancer. The cats were all sent to a friend of hers who has also been in
trouble before for keeping cats in deplorable conditions. This lady's name is Mindy located
outside of Rockford, Ill. I have personally been to this residence and have seen the conditions
there. Terrible!! I hope that we can spread the word, and I hope that Roberta or her friend are
never able to purchase another cat in the United States again!
The Bengal breeder that I got this information from had sold her a cat, not knowing that Roberta
had gotten way in over her head, and didn't know how sick she was. The breeder was frantic
trying to get the cat she had sold her back, but unfortunately all were seized by the rescue
I hope that we can spread the word to all registries as well...CFA, ACFA, TICA, ACA...etc.
Roberta worked with all of these for her Balinese, Siamese, Snowshoe, and Bengals.
I know that everyone who has been terrorized by Roberta in the past will let out a big sigh of
relief...she was a monster, and I know this is awful to put into words, but the world will be a
better place with out her!! I currently do not know her health status after the stroke last month,
just that she was removed from her residence and unable to care for the cats any longer. Many of
the cats were said to be candidates for euthanasia due to them being in such poor health, and also
Also, may I be the first to say how ironic that the person who was so vicious to others on the care
and housing, and backyard breeders...turns out to be one herself...and not just a backyard
breeder, but a hoarder/collector/ creepy old cat lady in the neighborhood!! And to be so
neglectful to the cats!!
Unfortunately though, "cutting off the head" of the snake isn't going to end all the problems.
The following catteries: (Permes, Louis Azcarate, Poulsdo, WA.), (Glasslipper, Cindy R.
Delanoy, Las Cruces, NM.), (To-Lyn, Linda Yamamoto, Stockton, CA.), (BluesCats, Laura
Rando & Paul McLaughlin, Burnswick, ME.), (BurnapBrooke, Bernadette McBride, Andover,
CT.), (Shoobox, Shirley Miller, San Diego, CA.), (Obsession/Serenade, Adriene Batta & Rhond
Reed, Macy, IN.), ( Lake Affect Pets Golden Retrievers, Eridani Cattery, Kara L. Van Den Berg,
Wyoming, MI.) (Purfect Points, Wanda - Wendy Colvin, Ravenna, OH) and (Old Siam, Paula
Schenebeck, AR.) have all worked very closely with Roberta in the past and have consistently
demonstrated the same temperament for nastiness. Many of our members can attest to that! All
but one are CFA breeders and are considered representative of all CFA breeders.
It has been reported to me that Shoobox Cattery, Shirley Miller, San Diego, CA. (former
president of tacci) has also been raided and had cats seized last year due to over crowding and
poor care. And one of the owners to that cattery is a Veterinarian!!
Please pass this along to everyone in the cat business! It is my goal that Roberta Beller never be
able to own another cat again!!

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      Jan 20, 2010

    I posted a second notice about a breeder using a new cattery name in the same area. Their website went up over night with the same royal there and the WhoIs public information showed the web domains of and this new Siamese cattery website were registered to the same person. The information was deleted from Consumer Complaints Board even thought the names and information was publicly available. Since I posted that notice the owner has change the registration to "private". Be wary of buying from a breeder in that area of Illinois. If you are dealing with them do web searches on their names and email addresses, check the WhoIs database for registration infor on the domains to see what is out there that matches them up with the breeder above.

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  • Bi
      Jan 31, 2010

    She's Dead.

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  • Am
      Feb 02, 2010

    Why would you print these lies two years after she stopped breeding and a year after her death?

    You call yourself a Good Citizen and your not even close to being so. You should be sued for libel along with Diane Fineran.

    You are both a disgrace to Humankind

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  • An
      Feb 16, 2010

    You write very well and fairly but my point is that anyone who would write anything about Chivalry Cattery, whose doors were closed almost three years ago is NOT motivated to warn people as there is nothing to warn about, but rather has posted out of pure malice.

    +2 Votes
  • Be
      Mar 30, 2010

    Diana Fineran is a lunatic and a plagarizer, she also profits from taking stray cats that appear to be SIamese by coloring only and give them a fake "pedigree" from her phony registry. TCA is a scam.

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  • Co
      Apr 23, 2010

    I am an International breeder. TCA pedigrees are not accepted by the main International Cat Associations registries, therefore Diane Fineran should simply run her association as a "club" (she is pretty good in that) but shouldn't issue any registration slips or pedigrees.

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  • Ca
      May 18, 2010

    Some years back I was looking to buy a Siamese cat. I checked and the Better Business Bureau for complaints against the breeders I was considering. Barb French told me that she had a substantiated complaint against Louis Azcarate (Permes Cattery) for selling a sick kitten with numerous problems and for not registering the kitten as promised in the contract. The BBB in California had several complaints against Azcarate for fraud. I am glad that I never got involved with him!

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  • Ge
      Oct 06, 2010

    Diane Fineran is involved in litigation with charges of fraud. Hopefully she will be convicted as deserved!

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  • Sp
      Jan 27, 2011

    This is Louis Azcarate with Permes Cattery responding to false allegations posted on here. IN response to the post by cat aficionado; What Barb French failed to tell you about the incident regarding the sick kitten complaint is; I fully refunded the customer her money and paid for her vet bills. The kitten had ring worm due to a recent kitten acquisition of mine from a breeder in Arizona who sold me a cat that was infected and failed to tell me about it. The sad part about this is all my kittens were contaminated and so were we. I told the customer this from the beginning and it's all documented in our exchange of e-mail messages. I was treating the kitten for several weeks before he was shipped out. I was confident that he was completely cured and so was my vet, that is how I was able to get his health certificate. This kitten didn't have any other health problems other than that. All this information can be supported by contacting CFA. They were kept informed of this situation by me and were given proof of my cancelled check and the exchange of e-mail messages between myself and the customer since day one. This was not an intentional malicious act, but instead a mere unfortunate incident. The reason I didn't send her the paperwork was because of the full refund that was given to her. Therefore, the kitten was a gift from me to the customer for her inconvenience. Also, I put a hold on my breeding program for a year and half to resolve the problem before I started breeding again. There is always two sides to every story, so you better have all your facts down correctly before you open you mouth and slander the good name of a reputable breeder such as myself.

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  • Sp
      Jan 27, 2011

    I forgot to mention that is unfortunate incident occured over 10 years ago and some how it's still being disseminated as though it's current news. Bad stuff happens to everyone, but come on to continue to harp on the past by keeping these old stories current is unhealthy and misleading. My cats aren't only some of the finest quality cats in the world but the healthiest to boot. I have since learned not to trust most breeders. What I have been through because of the poor breeding practices of other breeders has taught me a valuable lesson. One which is why my cats are so healthy and beautiful today. Live and learn folks. Didn't your mother ever tell you that, "if you have nothing nice to say about someone; don't say anything at all" ?

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  • Ca
      Jan 27, 2011

    I just dug out my notes during the time when I was researching buying a purebred cat. The CFA doesn't give out personal information about breeders in their membership, so there is no point in you telling people to contact them. Barb French gave you (Louis Azcarate) a strike against Permes Cattery because you sold a sick kitten that was supposed to be healthy. The buyer had veterinary evaluations and vet bills to back up the claim. Barb only disciplines cat breeders who are negligent in their breeding practices. The BBB in Glendale CA also had several complaints against you. I believe Barb French and the BBB. Barb heads up the largest internet site for breeders and buyers of purebred What I wrote is what they reported to me about you, and they can corroborate what I'm saying. Fortunately for me, I found a good breeder who sold me a healthy kitten.
    BTW, other posters on this site have described you as nasty and backstabbing. Your rude response to my post ("so you better have all your facts down correctly before you open you mouth") supports what they're saying.

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  • Ca
      Jan 27, 2011

    My previous post came out with some problems, so I rewrote it:
    I just dug out my notes during the time when I was researching buying a purebred cat. The CFA doesn't give out personal information about breeders in their membership, so there is no point in you telling people to contact them. Barb French gave you (Louis Azcarate) a strike against Permes Cattery because you sold a sick kitten that was supposed to be healthy. The buyer had veterinary evaluations and vet bills to back up the claim. Barb only disciplines cat breeders who are negligent in their breeding practices. The BBB in Glendale CA also had several complaints against you. I believe Barb French and the BBB. Barb heads up the largest internet site for breeders and buyers of purebred What I wrote is what they reported to me about you, and they can corroborate what I'm saying. Fortunately for me, I found a good breeder who sold me a healthy kitten.
    BTW, other posters on this site have described you as nasty and mean. Your rude response to my post ("so you better have all your facts down correctly before you open you mouth") supports what they're saying.

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  • Sp
      Jan 28, 2011

    I would oblige and facilitate contact with CFA should anyone have doubts about my breeding ethics and practices and to look into any past complaints with them from my customers, which I don't have. My case was handled by CFA Board Members in court, which required all evidence to be presented to them before they made their final decision. I had to provide them a history of e-mail messages as well cancelled checks to show my good well and effort to make it right by her. I clearly stated in my previous post that I have all the facts in it's entirety in my possession in writing including her vet bill. As well as E-mail messages from both sides from day one. I disclosed the problem that I had with my cats and the kitten in question from the start. I didn't hide anything. Unfortunately some of the problems I experienced were directly related to bad choices I made when purchasing some of my breeding stock or during kitten exchanges with other breeders. All done out of ignorance and trust, which I take full responsibility for. Today it's another story. I have completely disassociated myself from almost all breeders and as a result I have Happy, Healthy, Social and Beautiful cats and kittens. Why don't you do your homework and go on-line and visit some cattery web sites throughout the country. You'll find that my cats are every where, which should be a good indication to you that I must be doing something right. Otherwise my cats wouldn't be so sought after throughout the country and Internationally. You see not everything is what you think you know nor does any one situation last forever. This was a bad time in my breeding program. A time I would not want to relive, yet I appreciate the lesson learned today and I can honestly say I've grown stronger & wiser because of it. As for Barb I still think she is a nice lady. She did what she thought was a good thing and that was to make you aware of a bad situation. However, that doesn't entitle you to bash me as though you know me or the situation first hand. Before you make any judgement calls on anyone, be sure you know and understand how each situation unfolded. Taking sides by listening to the words of others is clearly a sign shallowness with a mean streak and too much empty time on your hands. I took a moment to check out the BBB, just out of curiosity to see if there were complaints in the last few years that I didn't know about and to my surprise there were NONE. (being sarcastic) Absolutely nothing. As far as me being nasty and mean considering what was done to me with the sales and exchanges of sick cats and kittens I acquired from my "fellow breeders", which cost me tens of thousands of dollars, many tears, time and energy. It's was simply a human reaction and a shout for justice. It was a small price to pay for what I was put through. We are all entitled to equal rights and to express our indignation and anger when we are done wrong by someone. I was clearly done wrong by fellow breeders I trusted and spoke ill of by many jealous individuals who jumped on that band wagon. Despite the heartache I went through because of some of these "breeder's" I never went out of my way to bash them or post messages about my experience with them. I sucked it up and I chalked it up to a lesson well learned. Always look at both sides of the story before you say something mean spirited about someone. You know absolutely nothing about me on a personal level; only what you heard through other's ... yet you speak as though you have all the facts. Now I've given you the benefit of the doubt by giving you a small explanation to some of the material you read about me. Lastly, for the record, I've NEVER been nasty or mean to a potential customer or to anyone who has adopted a kitten from me, but if I have there must have been a good reason for it. The only people I've had some beef with have been other breeders for their dishonesty and misrepresentation of their cats. BTW, I am genuinely glad you acquired a healthy kitten from a sound reputable fellow breeder.

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  • Ca
      Jan 29, 2011

    Mr. Azcarate--The BBB doesn't have any complaints listed against you over the last 3 years in Glendale because you don't live in California any more; you live in Washington State. Also, I checked with the CFA on Friday--under NO circumstances will they release information about complaints lodged against one of their members, not at the request of a potential buyer or at the seller's request. They do not want to operate like the BBB does, where they have to disseminate information on complaints. And personal remarks like this against a poster you don't know is really rather weird on your part, "Taking sides by listening to the words of others is clearly a sign shallowness with a mean streak and too much empty time on your hands." Nothing you've said in your posts disproves what I've reported as stated by Barb French and the BBB in Glendale several years ago (selling a sick kitten with numerous problems, shoddy vet report, and several complaints of fraud.) You may have cleaned up your act now, but the more I read your posts, the more glad I am that I investigated you and found another breeder.

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  • Sp
      Jan 29, 2011

    Several complaints of fraud? I hope you can prove this because this is not true. I spoke to someone with CFA too on Friday and asked her if she would provide information regarding any complaints about my Cattery to specified individuals as per my personal request and she said yes, so there you have it. It can be done. Since this unfortunate incident, and after a year of not breeding, I made it a point to have my cattery inspected by a licensed Veterinarian and by the City of Glendale for the duration of time I lived in Glendale. I kept up with my yearly cattery inspections and my certification with CFA up until the present and I have a wonderful relationship with the number one Vet Clinic in Kitsap County, WA for 7 years now. Doctor Julie Evans & Dr. Vickie Howell with Poulsbo Marina Vet Clinic. They are my exclusive vets and will attest to the soundness of my cats and kittens. Dr. Julie Evans has been to my home many times. Her business card is posted on my web site for anyone interested in calling her. I have nothing to hide here. I'm a proud breeder and although I went through some rough times in my breeding program in the past, today I am doing well and have been for years. I have hundreds of very happy customers. It's too bad that people like you only focus on the spot on the wall and miss the big picture. Well it's settled then be happy with your decision and your conclusions and lets move on with our lives. This happened a long time ago; about 10 years ago so I don't need to revisit this situation anymore. I gave you the benefit of the doubt by explaining myself, which was not worth my time or energy, but what's done is done. It's obvious you only see what you want to see to prove your point, which is pointless. There is no reason to continue knocking on your door because no one is there. Also there is no need for you to continue harping on your kitten purchase. I got the point in your initial post, "you are happy that you found another breeder." I GOTCHA! SOOO! You don't need to keep taking jabs at me. After all I've never done you personally any wrong, so it's obvious that you are using this forum to lash out and air your bitterness . You've got some issues lady. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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  • Ha
      Jun 21, 2011

    I am one of Mr. Azcarate's customers. He was absolutely wonderful to deal with the entire time, and offered alot of great advice as well. He is extremely professional and it is very obvious from talking to him even after the first few minutes that he is an extremely good and caring person as well. He was very thorough with every detail from start to finish, including veternary care and records as well as all breed paperwork. I cannot say enough about how absolutely amazing the cat is that we got from him. He is so gorgeous, extremely intelligent and very healthy! He is a very trainable cat, like nothing I have ever seen. I would not only buy another cat from him in a heartbeat but I would consider it a privelage, as well as highly reccomend him to others. I think it is very important to know someone for yourself before you say something neggative about them. Gossip is a dangerous and bad thing. Mr. Azcarate is a good quality breeder and an exremely nice person whom we very much enjoyed getting to know through the process of adopting our kitten, who is now a very special part of our family.

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  • Fl
      Aug 08, 2011

    I say this as a former breeder and customer of Mr. Azcarate's. The only issue I had with the cat the I purchased from him was that she was more interested in crawling in my lap than taking care of her babies when I was in the room. Cammy was a great cat with a great personality, that came to me bred to his best stud for an even better price. She was healthy and well cared for when I picked her up at the airport. 2 weeks later she gave birth to 5 of the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen. That was over 7 years ago when he was still in California. Lou has some of the best cats in the world and to this day although I am no longer breeding I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to other breeders or kitten buyers. I have actually done just that. My sister in law purchased two cats from him and they where healthy and well cared for when she got them. I have seen and heard of him going above and beyond to make his customers happy with their purchases from him.
    So hearing a report that someone is maligning his name on information from over a decade ago (that would be 3rd hand information) is just plan dumb! If anybody gets online and sees a cat online that they really like the look of I would be you a $1000 it's got lou's bloodlines in it. Just because he moved doesn't mean he's a bad breeder, it means he moved. People do that everyday.
    Now I get to be the nasty one here GoodCitizen you have issues. You attack people I would bet you never actually delt with because the only people you screw with are people that don't want to deal with TCA and are registering with CFA? Does that maybe tell people who you actually are??? Every breeder that looks at this knows who you are. Ever wonder why every good breeder baled out of your "club"? Funny how they are all getting attacked with false information by GoodCitizen? Sorry if they didn't all want to continue to breed substandard cats.
    GoodCitizen why are you buying so many cats???? I am not going to continue to harp on you Diana, you aren't worth it. So sorry you weren't able to copywrite Tradition Siamese, Balinese or Traditional anything.
    While I am at it I am going to add what I know of the breeders that you have attacked.
    Me- I had 3 kids at the time and just didn't have the time to care for them the way the deserved so I gave them up to a good breeder and friend. Yep I sure did move a lot. Nobodies business but my own.
    Roberta- Well she sure did have her issues but why discuss the dead in a derigator manner?
    Wendy- She quit breeding and went back to school. She moved too. Who business is that? Hers
    Joanna-Never really could call her a breeder, with the like 2 litters that she had
    Lou-I think I covered that
    Marie-She is awsome she just never wanted to deal with you.
    So remove your head from your behind and leave everyone alone. Hey I can get away with saying anything I want. I don't breed anymore. You can't do anything to me or mine other than annoy us when one of us stumbles on your rantings .
    YES EVERYONE DIANA FINERAN OF "THE TRADITIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION" IS GOODCITIZEN. She loves to threaten breeders that don't want to give her money for her glorifed club, with law suits and having their websites taken don't for the use of the word Traditional, which she doesn't have the right to do. SO KISS MY BIG FAT ### AND STUFF IT!!! Ok I feel better now... Sorry for the language.

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  • Fe
      Aug 09, 2011

    Well, there certainly are some nasty people on this thread, particularly the recent posts from breeders. Azcarate from Permes Cattery admits to selling in the past at least one sick kitten from his cattery full of infected cats with ringworm (gross!) but still attacks the messenger for exposing him, even though she stated flat out that the incident had happened years ago. Competent and mature professionals don't waste their time on message boards angrily arguing with anonymous posters. And Flitabout's foul, vituperative language speaks for itself.

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  • Fe
      Aug 09, 2011

    The following is an edited version of my post of a few minutes ago:

    Well, there certainly are some nasty people on this thread, particularly the recent posts from breeders. Azcarate from Permes Cattery admits to selling in the past at least one sick kitten from his cattery full of infected cats with ringworm (gross!) but still attacks the messenger for exposing him, accusing her of "false allegations", even though she stated flat out that the incident had happened years ago. Competent and mature professionals don't waste their time on message boards angrily arguing with anonymous posters. And Flitabout's foul, vituperative language speaks for itself.

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  • Sp
      Oct 19, 2011

    I agree, ringworm is worse then gross. It's a nightmare! As far as my posts are concerned; my posts weren't attacks, but explanations to shed light on the other side of the story. It was my first attempt to squash this maliciousness. It was clear after my first post that no matter what I said to the anonymous poster; she wasn't interested in reading the other side of the story. She was fixated on continuing her negative campaign to discredit me and make me out to be a bad breeder no matter what I said, and that's when it became obviously personal. It's unfortunate some people enjoy being part of the problem rather than part of the solution. "Competent and mature professionals don't waste their time on message boards angrily arguing with anonymous posters. And Flitabout's foul, vituperative language speaks for itself" So my question to you Feline Lover is; why are you on here?

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  • Sp
      Jan 18, 2012

    It all makes sense now understandingzizzo. Thank you for shedding some light to this nasty woman's mind set.

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  • Sp
      Jan 18, 2012

    This is very true.

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  • Fe
      Feb 16, 2012

    "Taking sides by listening to the words of others is clearly a sign shallowness with a mean streak and too much empty time on your hands" "so you better have all your facts down correctly before you open you mouth" "so it's obvious that you are using this forum to lash out and air your bitterness . You've got some issues lady" "responding to false allegations posted on here"
    @ Louis Azcarate of Permes Cattery----Your comments against Cat Aficionado as quoted above constitute nasty attacks which have nothing to do with addressing her report concerning the fact that you sold a sick, infectious kitten years back. Cat Afic. didn't lodge any false allegations, because you admitted the dirty deed of selling a cat infested with ringworm years ago, as she said, yet you accused her of being a liar. Not a smart move. As for me, I'm not a professional breeder--I'm someone who's looking to buy a purebred cat and who is investigating complaints against cat breeders. I don't have to worry about looking insecure. You should. Based on your posts alone, I would never do business with you. But I do expect that based on your constant arguing in the previous posts, you will be back on here to respond yet again because in addition to attacking people in personal terms, you must have the last word, more signs of infantile behavior.

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  • Bc
      Apr 12, 2012

    Roberta Beller is awful ugly mean person.i dealt with her evilness. I'm glad she is closed and everything she gets she deserves it

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  • Tw
      Oct 07, 2012

    Mr. Azcarate is one of the most decent cat breeders I've met, and there aren't many in the industry. I've never bought from him before, so this isn't bias from a customer, or bias from a friend. I've spoken with him only just recently, but what I say here is my opinion of Mr. Azcarate IN CONTEXT of the "professional" cat world.

    Yes, I dislike quotations, but feel it's necessary in context of a professional cat world, as neither the registries nor most breeders act in a way evoking professionalism. For a true professional in the real world, it makes entering the "cat world, " even to purchase, scary and hazardous. It is breeders like Diane Varni of Orecatay and others who make these experiences that should be happy ones, horrific, terrible, or disgruntling ones. On the other hand, breeders like Mr. Azcarate and Mrs. Yamamoto a diamond in the rough. They are friendly, sensible, approachable, relate-able, and relatively much more honest. Whether it be because they have an already-established reputation to protect or are just true professionals existing amongst a cat world lacking them, their quality of service as breeders is markedly different. Additionally, I believe this can only be experienced BY and AFTER going through other breeders who really evoke no more essence than a "backyard breeder" masquerading as a "professional one" by registering at an agency (i.e. TICA, CFA, etc. also, be extra cautious with breeders ONLY registered with the ACA).

    Those who complain against Azcarate have likely never gone through/experienced a truly negative breeder. It is likely that those who complain have never had a kitten with FIP, Corona Virus, or any terminal disease. It is THOSE breeders who breed with genetic defects who only care for a quick profit--and this shows in their quality of cat/cat health and of course, customer service. It is THOSE breeders who will not sympathize with the loss of the cat acquired from them, and those breeders that will treat you as a stranger thereafter. It is THOSE breeders that deserve such attention--far more than was given to Mr. Azcarate in this post.

    In my history of working with/being abused by breeders, breeders paying refunds for cats, refunding deposits, and/or paying vet bills DOES NOT EXIST. Truly, it is rare. Breeders like Louis Azcarate (Permes Cattery), Linda Yamamoto (To-Lyn Cattery), Erin Severson (Carlton Cattery), and Christian Yost (Cattails Cattery, now closed) that are honest, law-abiding, and contract-honoring (PLUS more). If you ARE adopting, as a buyer, wouldn't you want a breeder who goes above and beyond? It is no wonder these breeders work together and are friendly with each other, sharing and trusting in not only each other's stock and quality of cats, but also their professionalism and workmanship.

    Although the "complaints" against Azcarate were intended to be just that, for those experienced in this unprofessional cat world, it actually works to his praise and benefit. It makes those who have been through duds WANT to purchase through Permes (or To-Lyn, or Carlton, or Cattails), because such breeders who look past the profit but into the HEARTS of adopters and fellow humans is TRULY, truly rare.

    If you are a future adopter, think about this--if a Permes cat fell ill from a fatal disease (i.e. FIP, etc), he would refund the deposit and perhaps even pay the vet bills. If a To-Lyn cat fell ill, she would refund the deposit. If a Carlton or Cattails cat fell in, they would likely do the same. I must reiterate that it is NO wonder these types of breeders trust one another and work together.

    It is important as any consumer to DO YOUR HOMEWORK prior to purchase, especially in context of a live animal. Furthermore, it is just as important for any public COMPLAINER to also do your homework prior to complaining, especially in context of the complaint. Otherwise, your complaint may sound more like a positive advertisement or praise.

    Finally, Azcarate's responses were professional and not derisive. What's more is that he praised his client that passed negative information on about him; doesn't that show character? Doesn't that show humanity and honesty more than an all-business person or someone just in it for profit?

    Lastly, I'd just like to note all the quotes you picked as an image of building a "negative" or "biting" image of Mr. Azcarate is poorly picked and in law school, we call this "the straw man fallacy." It means you pick/reinterpret things one party said and attempt to morph, place, or demonstrate them into a different argument that is EASIER to support your case, but ultimately inaccurate and thus making the argument null.

    Please get more writing, public speaking, advertising, and all around life experience before publicly writing something positive or negative, because truly, it just reflects on you. Thank goodness your real name isn't on here, because it would be an unpromising example for job recruiters, employers, etc. I would never hire someone who wrote or presented cases like this.

    Just by looking at the logical structure and writing skill of the complainers, I doubt they could accrue enough capital to afford a single cat from Mr. Azcarate at all, as his cats are top of the line and expensive as hell.

    - Someone who is even more seriously considering purchasing a lilac point Balinese from Mr. Azcarate (thanks to your complaints)

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  • Fe
      Oct 14, 2012

    @"TwitterCat"--You don't know whether Azcarate will refund the cost of a sick kitten that he sells to you until you buy a sick kitten from him.
    As for his repeated arguing with Cat Aficionado on this site, Azcarate acted like an egotistical jerk.

    Who bothers to waste this much time defending someone he hardly knows? After reading your entire long-winded post, I suspect that you are actually Azcarate himself (originally calling himself "Spiritualtraveler"), responding under a pseudonym and a gender change so he doesn't have to appear to be fixated with arguing against people who don't agree with him. Your writing style is quite similar to his.

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  • Tw
      Oct 14, 2012

    It's possible two different people speak similarly. The similarities I see are decent grammar and punctuation. I think the similarities you may be referring to are tone, though. It's unfortunate some may deem such a post as long-winded, as it wouldn't cut 1/100th of anything written at work, let alone read. Then again, we all work in different professions and have different walks of life and careers. Some may not like reading or writing, and that is a preference.

    My personal input is that I am under the impression Azcarate isn't an attorney, and likely wouldn't reference the straw man fallacy, which is first learned prior to the entrance exam. And while it's true that it's 100% impossible to surmise whether Azcarate would refund said money, it's a good sign he already had. I've bought from breeders who haven't after the kitten had a genetic problem from the cattery. To refund money in any situation is rare. In any case, it's fine to believe we are one and the same. There are far worse and offensive things, such as a comparison to Paris Hilton, Marilyn Manson, etc.

    My main point is to speak for decent breeders--not only Louis Azcarate--but also Linda Yamamoto and Christian Yost. Breeders like Diane Varni of Orecatay should receive far more attention than anything given to Louis Azcarate. If you haven't heard of Diane Varni yet, please reference my other post through my account, and if you run into others who may want to purchase from her, please save them the heartache. She breeds and continues to breed countless kittens with FIP, corona virus, etc. It never ends with her, she denies she has any sort of problem, yet many of her customers have complained on numerous online outlets. Breeders like Diane Varni are the problem; she sports breeding for over 50 years as expertise and license to continue poor breeding ethics and continuing to breed kittens for imminent death. It is heart breaking. I wish people would notice injustices like that and be a part of helping address and solve the problem she constitutes. She does not compensate--not one of her many affected clients for over 50 years--of her dead kittens let alone vet bills. After experiencing her, I only wish my kitten had had ringworm or something curable--not this immunodeficiency virus with a guaranteed death sentence, like AIDS. As purported by herself, she breeds to support herself and each litter pays for her health problems and the next litter. With no extra money, the vet is likely out of the question.

    Anyone who would like go assist or has further evidence against Varni/on similar cases with her kittens is valued and appreciated not only by those filing suit, but by kittens past and future kittens bred for death and only self-sustaining profit. Please contact me on this board if so. I would appreciate if we could help each other.

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  • Sp
      Oct 20, 2012

    Feline lover ... the only egotistical jerk here is you. Otherwise, you wouldn't continue to go on here to make claims and judgment calls on a person you know absolutely nothing about other than the connection with me being a Siamese cat breeder and the story posted on here that occurred over 10 years ago . The fact you can speak out against a person you don't know, you've never talked to or who has never done you wrong say's allot about you and your current state of mind. What is most telling about you is; the absence of reasoning. You are on a mission and it's not at all for a good cause. What is crystal clear here is; it's unhealthy. For all those new to this complaint board. The only reason I went on here to begin with was to post my message to give my side of the events brought forward as it unfolded. Who better than myself to speak on my behalf to give a complete account of the story. I'm sure that some would of preferred I didn't so others reading these nasty posts for the first time; (yours included - Felinelover) would buy into a one sided version of a complaint and the defamation of the breeders listed on here including myself. However, it's obvious to me now that this venue is used more for slandering people, being malicious and backbiting than anything productive. Unfortunately in this day of technology and the internet anyone can say what they want about another person and post it without any regard to the damage and harmful affect it may. I'm sorry you think that twitter cat and I are one of the same. The reality is we are not. We aren't even friends. She happens to be a brilliant Law student who has done her research well and is also a victim of true poor breeding practices. Once again you are wrong, but that's alright because you revealed your true motives for posting on here. Peace be with you Feline lover.

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  • Ca
      Nov 12, 2012

    I haven't been on here for a long time. Thank you, Feline Lover, for defending me. It was wrong of Louis Azcarate to attack me personally and repeatedly for stating what I knew about him, that he sold a kitten infested with ringworm to a customer. The things that he said about me, someone he also doesn't know, were rude. I don't have a mean streak, am not bitter and don't have issues, Mr. Azcarate. Only in your mind. These words seem to apply to you, sadly. I spoke the truth, and your response was to attack me. My information came straight from Barb French from She is very well-respected owner of the top internet site for purebred cats. I am glad that I bought locally. I was able to check the kittens and cattery out myself. I didn't have some breeder put a poor kitten in the hold of a plane for a frightening, long trip. And thank God I didn't have to deal with someone gross like you.

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  • Sp
      Nov 12, 2012

    If only you could be so lucky cat aficiando to get a kitten from me. Not in this life time. My kittens are top notch healthy, beautiful, affectionate, outgoing bundles of love. I am proud of my cats and kittens. Only the best for the best. You see ... you still live in the past. What happened over a decade ago has absolutely no relevance here. The fact you keep posting only means I speak the truth about you. Oh and by the way. I know who you are now.

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  • Fe
      Nov 14, 2012

    @cat aficionado--You're welcome! I don't tolerate people being personally attacked for speaking the truth.

    @Spiritual Traveler (AKA Louis Azcarate from Permes Cattery)--Looks like your over inflated ego doesn't permit you to allow someone other than yourself to have the last word.

    To repeat: Professionals (or I guess I should say "mature" ones) don't waste time on message boards arguing incessantly with strangers.

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  • Sp
      Nov 15, 2012

    No ego here. I am just a proud, confident good guy. I will admit that I've become intolerant of injustice in last few years of my life, especially when it comes to unreasonable and unrelenting people who continue to rehash the past and completely refuse to see the good in others and instead get some sort of twisted pleasure by trying to make others feel poorly. What happened 10 + years ago between Vanessa and I was unfortunate, but It has been resolved. As far as maturity is concerned ... it really has absolutely nothing to do with me responding with my indignation of people like you. Who seem to get some sick satisfaction by posting on here without a smidgen of acknowledgement of what the other person has said or done to make it right and that is clear by all your posts. You seem like a very angry and unhappy woman who is stuck living in the past with nothing to look forward too. Sad. If all this boils down to maturity as you said, you are mentally and emotionally at grade school level, which explain your inability to understanding the big picture here Feline Lover. This is old and no longer relevent. Please move on with your life and try and find something good in yourself that makes you feel good about life. You may have the last word now if it makes you feel better because I am done.

    Your Life is what your Thoughts make it. by Marcus Aurelius

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  • Tw
      Dec 16, 2012

    I just want to say (as I posted a fresh post against a cat breeder), I have had my share of experience with the Siamese/Balinese breeder community, and I ONLY recommend Louis Azcarate of Permes Cattery & Marie of Snohomish for the Siamese/Balinese breed. I recommend these breeders for health, temperament, and care of kittens. I do not trust cat breeders in general, but I trust Louis and Marie. I haven't interacted much with Erin from Carlton Cattery, but from my interactions with her, she is fairly honest.

    If you read the post, I have never heard/had this kind of BS from Louis or Marie. They are actually very professional. It is how I expect the professional world to behave, and while most cat breeders are jokes, they are absolutely NOT. I respect them.

    In my complaint against TiaMaria below, I asked for advice on how to blend my cat family of 3 and received a condescending response.

    In my months of knowing Louis or year of knowing Marie, none of this ever happened. EVER! I solicit and speak with breeders months or even a year prior to purchase, because that's the only way to see their true colors.

    After my experience with TiaMaria, I realized that it's not how fast you respond to a client--it's what you say, how you treat your clients/potential clients, and how you make them feel consistently over time. You don't want to make them feel terrible or like they ruined something or like they ruined something so bad it can't ever be fixed.

    In the recent past, I bought a kitten from a different breeder who was very prompter and faster at responding than Louis (within the hour or 2), and she turned out to be nutty in emails after some time. GREAT on the phone, but repelling in emails. I still haven't figured her out and am very confused by her. I have a bad after-taste in my mouth. I do not mention her name out of respect for her, because she is still kind/great on phone. But in retrospect, I feel I probably should've just gone through Louis or Marie again.

    Sometimes Louis takes a day or two to respond to messages, but his messages are SUPERB and DETAILED. ALWAYS polite. Always to the point and addresses my questions/issues. I have never felt like ### after speaking with him.

    So yes, I've been on good terms with a breeder before that SEEMED 110% sane, then flipped out later. I've known Louis longer than that breeder, and he has exhibited no behaviors of weirdness/insanity so far. He is a pacifist.

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  • Tw
      Feb 06, 2013

    Examine the plethora of some breeders' pointed negativity in their response to my post linked here:

    Do you see the kind of acerbic negativity and character attacks? This isn't how Louis responded at all. If ONLY other breedres responded in that way. But as you can see, most breeders don't seem to listen to any complaints whether towards them or others. They attack the client, and that, I believe, is far worse than any response Louis gave to anyone in this post.

    See the MyBaliSi Cattery response. She called the poster "ignorant" and questioned whether they had the "authority to complain" or not. Is that a way someone should represent their breed and their community? I did not know who this woman or breeder was at all, and did not incite her. She and a few others were likely alerted to the post, as they all logged on and responded today, but MyBaliSi's stands out the most in lack of professionalism.

    I hope the numerous people read the post and the responses. How tiring.

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  • Ve
      Feb 16, 2013

    First off, I'm a huge fan of Siamese cats and have owned two of them over the years. I've thought about buying a kitten on the internet, but I can tell you that based on the complaints I've read on this thread about various catteries, as well as the nasty behavior of breeders who comment on here, has convinced me that I will look into taking in a kitten/cat from a local shelter or will buy locally.

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  • Di
      Oct 08, 2014

    I am well aware of Louis Azcarate from Permes Cattery and his despicable practices! He bought the cat he named 'Nafrini' from an honest breeder in Canada with 28 years of breeding experience. Never did he reveal to this elderly lady that he was a breeder and she would not know his name because she doesn't pay attention to breeders in the USA. Louis contacted her looking for a PET. This cat was $400 and TCA registered. Louis took a very long time to pay this amount in dribs and drabs of $50 here and $75 there etc. Once the cat was finally paid for and sent to him in Washington, he decides to tell her he's going to breed her. The breeder in Canada explained that she only sold this cat as a pet and if he wanted to breed her, to send her another $100 for breeding rights. Louis agreed! However, he never sent her the money! Now he has this cat on his website saying that a Michelle and Bob from California are the breeders and this is a cat from HIS very own bloodlines, TICA registered. This is all bogus. He says on his website, "Nafrini is out of some of my old Red Point Lines, which include Tonopah Big Red, Permes Gambit, Permes Apollo, Permes Lucy, Permes Trudy, Permes Rosie Red Wings and many others. I was lucky enough that I placed a couple of my Red points in the care of a breeder friend of mine in CA, which I was lucky enough to find again right in the nick of time. My thanks to Michelle and her husband Bob. To view pictures of Nafrini's past kittens click here." Nothing could be further from the truth!. His pedigrees therefore cannot be trusted. When I spoke with the breeder, she said she was worried about him killing this cat if she reported him. She's lived in fear of exposing him. If anyone doubts what I am saying, they are encouraged to speak with the REAL breeder themselves: You will be given plenty of proof from emails and letters, I can assure you! One look at that cat, compared with her other cats and you can see striking similarities that are consistent with her lines and not that of Louis's lines at all. Louis is a fraudster at best! He needs to be exposed and called out for the liar that he is! This man has a cult like following that has no idea of how bogus the pedigrees are that he hands out to his following. Several of this queen's kittens have gone out to other catteries, even as far as Germany. They all now have bogus pedigrees from Permes! Louis cheats and defrauds OTHER breeders who are closest to him! He has the nerve to criticize and humiliate other breeders who don't follow him because he can't handle the competition.

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  • Sp
      Nov 23, 2014

    Nothing that is written here is true. To all those reading this post. Here is yet another Classic example of malicious attacks based on zero facts and absolutely no knowledge of my business arrangement with Mary the Canadian breeder that this woman referring to. This post is purely motivated by anger, hatred, and jealousy. I urge you all to call Mary directly. She has been made aware of this post and is appalled by it. She never spoke to the person nor expressed the untruths that are being disseminated here. She knew from our first conversation that I was a reputable breeder looking for a possible breeding queen. I never kept my intentions of acquiring one of her cats as a breeder from being well expressed. I urge anyone that has questions to please contact me or Mary directly. Mary gave me permission to refer you to her. Here is her link to one of her ads, which includes her phone number. What a sad state of affairs; when a person has nothing better to do with her time than hide behind a venue like this to exercise their personal hateful feelings towards someone they never met or done her wrong. Please keep in mind this woman is not a customer, nor have I ever done business with her. She is a coward, Sometimes not everything you see is; what it is. Although, boards like this are helpful, they can also be misused to bash innocent individuals based on lack of facts, information, and understanding of events as they truly unfolded. I am a true believer that we all get what we put into the world. Please people practice kindness. The world really needs it.

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  • Ma
      Nov 25, 2014

    I am the Canadian Breeder that Louis purchased a cat from which is not Nafrini. Also, I would like to specify that I'm not a senior therefore certainly not an elderly lady as falsely stated in the above statement. Furthermore, Louis was up front since our very first conversation with his intention to acquire a breeding cat from me. I know Louis and I know for a fact he wouldn't have the heart to kill an insect never mind a cat which was totally fabricated. I definitely have no fear nor do I have any intention of exposing him since there is nothing to expose. Louis has been honest and a very reputable cattery and I have no problem with him giving my email to anyone that needs a reference.

    In reading the above complaint, it seems to me that you are jealous, insecure and afraid of the reputable cattery that Louis has and the competition he presents. I thinks this is malicious and a personal attack on your part and it is unfair to bash someone's reputation like this and it does not make me think much about you. Anyone that does their homework, will see that Louis is not capable of doing any of the nasty things said in your complaint.

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  •   Nov 25, 2014

    I have serious doubts that the person claiming to be Maria Joao Cattery is nothing more than a liar and not who she pretends to be. If anyone has any doubts, they should contact her directly at [protected] and speak to her yourself. If she IS the person who has made the above statement, then beware because SHE is the one spreading this information around.

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  •   Nov 25, 2014

    Maria Kaakee
    Milton, ON L9T 2X7
    Cell: [protected]
    [protected] Now you can ask her for clarification yourself! If she denies the complaint, she is the one who is a liar. Based on the writing style of the one claiming to be "Maria Joao Cattery, " I can only assume that this is none other than Midgard Cattery's Kaitlyn McCarthy and Patrick Johnson who will do and say anything to defend Louis because they are in so deep with him. They are extremely aggressive and they have a kitten from Nafrini that they are breeding. It is in their BEST interest to put this saga down because the authenticity of their pedigrees is at stake as well as their reputation and their standing with CFF, CFA and TICA are in jeopardy. They have already been excused from and reported by TCA for dishonesty and aggressiveness. Louis too. Both of these breeders started working with TCA and when the mounds of complaints against them flooded the TCA office, they were pretty much told to leave. BUYERS beware! Their LIES never end!

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