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Child Protective Services / public corruption

1 mcghee st., Chatham, VA, United States Review updated:

This is probably the most CORRUPT GROUP in operation. Anyone having promblems or concerns with these RACKETEERS should read this website in entirety: AMERICAN FAMILY RIGHTS ASSOCIATION. Then after you get a little education into their modus operandi be sure to write to your congressmen; senators; senate ways & means committe & your governor and send them a PINK SLIP ASKING FOR REFORM OF CPS OR TO SHUT THESE FRAUDS DOWN!! a) conspiracy against rights 2) fraud waste & abuse 3) stalking INTERSTATE 4) Falsification of documents & records are just a few of the complaints we have made concerning these corrupt & incompetent workers; therapists & so called INVESTIGATORS!!! They should all be prosecuted under the RICO ACT!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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  • Ch
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    IRIS... you got alot of promblems!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!! Hope they took yours!!! Poor thing!!!

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    If we are going to shut thse people down how are we going to protect children from parents like Irish. :D They do tend to go overboard. A case where a mother and father broke up. The father called them saying the children were not happy in their mother's home. CPS talked to the oldest (16m). He told them that the mother was making him clean the house. CPS told the mother if he did not want to clean the house that she should hire a maid and not make him work for free. When she told him he is not working for free, he is staying in the house getting food and clothing from her they told her that a parent's job is to provide food, shelter and clothing for children under 18 and that she should pay for the maid not him. They even removed children from being spanked in public. In some cases they keep the children who are really abused in their homes. I had to call them once, and here was the scenero. A mother went to the hotdog vendor, they ran out of hot dogs. They had sausages. The mother wanted one for her seven year old daughter. They had Sausages but no hot dogs. Someone got a sausage, and she yelled at the man and said you told me you ran out of hotdogs. The man selling the hotdogs was not even given a chance to say he ran out of hot dogs. She kept yelling at him. The little girl was scared and asked why the mother was yelling. The mother told her daughter to shut up, called her a ### and kept smacking her. I called CPS and they removed the child from the home. The mother knew I would take action and told the daughter if she told anyone what happened they would lock her in a mental hospital because she is a rotten child.

    Another time I know they were called a mother switched the prices in a department store. The child thinks that this is legal, when it is fraud. She switched the prices to get the item cheaper. The child just wanted to stick up for her mommy. She told the cashier my mother switched the price tags so you have to give her the cheaper price. At this point the mother called her child stupid and told the cashier the child switched the tags, the mother threatened to leave the child in the store and have the police arrest her. Then she was overheard telling the daughter that if she did not get the cheaper price she would smack her across the face in front of everyone and beat her with a belt when she got home. Then she was followed out the store by security and overheard telling her that she was going to leave her in the parking lot and that she hopes a man picks her up and rapes her to teach her a lesson. (this girl also being seven) Imagine telling a seven year old you hope some man rapes her?

    However they have saved children from bad home situations where they have been molested, beaten.

    They are not the best organization, but what do we do for children like this.

  • Ja
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Try reading the AMERICAN FAMILY RIGHTS ASSOCIATION website. Truth is it's really all a FRAUd to cover up for all the money they make selling kids for adoption incentives.

    Oh, watch out for the goofy looking blue eyed sociopath from Pittsylvania County Virginia and her cross-eyed side kick!!! HAHHAHAH!!!

    Wish I had their pictures... to share with you... just in case these looneys show up in your town after being fired in Virginia!!!

    Put 'em in those ORANGE JUMP Suits along with the corrupt county commissioners and colluding juvenile court judges!!! FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE!!!


  • Hn
      16th of May, 2011
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    I have an attorney but it is slow going and my case's have been so stained and corruped by the system and these people that are suppose to help us and our children. I used to be licensed by Children and Families and have a PERFECT record w/ DCF for family home child care. I stayed home with my two boys. I had great clients and children that came to me. There came a time that things became much worse in my relationship w/ my now exhusband. He took this out on my oldest son who was not his when it did not seem to effect me what he did to me. This was not during day care hours off course and no one knew. Everything looked perfect on the outside. I had no prior police reports. I tried to get help from the state and and injuction. I could only get a temporary one... long story short... everything went. wrong as I could not get any help w/o reports and he turned the injunction hearing around on me w/ a really expensive attorney. I had not expected that at all. Basically, even though parents specifically brought their children to me for care out of other providers in the area and I could have had any number of them testify for me had I known I needed it; this group CPS and DCS etc. took my boys away from me. They did not allow me to go to the first trial or even notify me. I know the records were doctored up and some were falscified. Two factors that are even more repulsive is that they gave my oldest son to his father in Texas who I will plainly state rapped me and also hid from child support for over seven (7) years. I currently live in Florida but at the time of his birth I lived in Massachusetts and they said by there law I did not have to give his information but if I did it would help them recoup some of there money so I did; they said he would never have any custody or contact. They were wrong. My ex helped raise my oldest son he was his "known father", he and his parents apparently told CPS that my oldest son had no other family in Florida. As far as my youngest son they were willing to do whatever it took to keep me away... to win... and to make me "pay" for ruining their son's life. This would be keeping my son away from me. A paternity test was never performed and prior to our divorse my ex did have one done and only told his lawyer and an exgirlfriend of his. His attorney told him to keep these results to him self. My son is not his son. So when I left the state temporarily to get help and report to another DCF and pilot domestic violence program they had sent paperwork stating that his biological child needed to be brought back without notice to me as they feared he may be in danger. They should remedy this or should have. The other agency stated that the childen were just fine and both of the boys were mine and not his. I have not been with my boys for over two years. I only see my youngest a few days a month. My oldest son I tried to visit only they would not answer the phone. I rarely hear from him and never get pictures now. These brothers were so close that they had two rooms but chose to share a room instead. How could the system work like this. People that have met my youngest son tell me that everything I taught him is already gone... and he is already ruined. He is now 8 years old. Recently his "father" so called who lives with a new girlfriend, even though he has his own home; moved all my son's belongings out of his room for a month and a half. They packed his room and stuck it in the garage so his girlfriends daughter could have the room and put my son out on the couch. He can do these things now with no remorse because he knows he is not his. He only keeps this up to keep face and to keep rubbing it in that he will always win. I once wrote DCF to reopen the case and I received a letter back from a gentleman that said my ex and myself were both found to be fine and with no cause for concern but that the boys were fine were they were as that is what the judge decided at the time. All the call I placed they would tell me the same thing to get an attorney. My attorney's seem to be baffled by the complexity and no one seems to want to go back to the beginning. The just want to go from here. After my inlaws and my ex were able to keep my son from me for over 9 months using the court system I would have signed anything and they say I signed a paper which does not really allow them to try for paternity as it states that I agree he is the father. I said it also states he was born a year prior to the marriage and that requires testing. I just don't know anymore. Between the two cases I think no on wants to put that much into it and I have lost my boys forever to a money hungry system.

  • Jl
      14th of Aug, 2012
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    on June 27 2012
    CPS CAME TO MY HOUSE SAY AROUND 1PM. But there appointment was supposed to be at 2pm that day. James was Taken a shower and I personally don't let strangers in my house. So I open like crack door open. And went tell James someone here. So I went outside told him wait minute James is finish shower. Then he can come in so he waited. Only thing tho he had no Idea or Business card to say who he is. James came out And he came to the car that man was driving. And had a paper stating my house was dirty and had no food in the house. So he said he was from CPS and he had no warrant. All tho I was nerves cause I didn''t know what was going on. So he said let him in Michael Room and Ralph and Johnny's. And he found love letters on Michael Disk that this girl had wrote to My son which he's 17 years old and she's 13 yrs old. And put them on the Kitchen table then he turned around loOKed in Johnny room and bathroom. And tho he steal didn't show and IDE OR CARD. So we sat down at the table said that Michael and Ralph is 16yrs old. That this place where my son run away to and want come home that they had a complaint about my house wasn't clean and I need keep there rooms cleaned. But the suited him tho. And said the house loOKed clean to him. Said I must sign this health form to give him permission check there health records and make sure shots up to date. Which the are. Before he can tell me more. And jumped on my son Johnny that if I don't sign these they would take him from me. My son is 15yrs old and started crying. And stated my two sons don't want to live here. And wants to live with these people that has the 13yr old girl which my son Michael going with. Rather live with them. So Guy said for me be best cause they can do what they want and I' can't do anything about it. And for him to close the case that I give my parental rights to these people. And they would drop the case which on July 25 I went to a lawyer and found out that the lawyer himself has a law suite against those that my two boys staying with for stealing from him cause he owns a company. But I found out I couldn't use him so had to find a lawyer that would do the case and that lawyer gave me numbers so I called and made appointment to see her Monday at 11pm. So she said way my boys lied and all to go ahead and let them have Parental rights. So I went next door to the court house and signed the Parental Rights over to those people that my two boys live with now. So but it was hard to give up my boys like that and to keep CPS taking my Johnny which hes 15yrs old to save him. He has been so scared. But then when we got back to home I saw my two sons driving a truck and told them they need to go tell there new family that I signed the parental rights over and told them I hope your Happy. And then we drove off Lise suppose to tell CPS that I signed the paper for them to go signed them that she's wins you see she hasn't worked for one reason she use to be a nurse and got fired for steal drugs from the hospital and taken them herself and giving them to her husband John. And I haven't heard from my two boys for long time. So this morning I get up and found CPS pounding at my door and that he wanted in. And never called said he was coming or nothing. And said he didn't know about that I gave them people there parental rights. And then James told him we got a lawyer and his face loOKed funny and got in his car and drove off. But case should been close being CPS got there way. Only thing is like its OK for my son to runaway and not come home and clean his own room. And said again the house is fine keep it this way. But just wish CPS leave me alone. And you see my husband passed away in 2004 and I get social security for them. And Lisa and John found out cause they don't work and they aren't related so Lisa before I went to sign Parental rights she went try get money sent to her instead of me. Lisa And John are not good he takes drugs pain killers from off the street and she does to. So now the money going to them and now they are taken care off. But I just been sick and stress from all of this. But I asked CPS why don't you check there back grown and hes says just right now what the two boys wants'. Just you see I try raise my boys right and with CPS its OK to not mine there parents and also my sons has punched holes in there bedroom walls and CPS says its OK. And just also they where proven to lies and want mine. Just I so tire of all this and my son started home school Monday and today he couldn't do his school work from being stress and worried that CPS well try take him to. Just I'm worried about what this is doing to him. CPS LIES ALL THEY DO IS DISTORY MY FAMILY TORE US APART AND PUT MY TWO SONS WITH A FAMILY JUST WANT THERE MONEY AND USE THEM. But I'm sure when the money stops then Lisa and John will find another family to do this to. But I thank CPS SHOULD HELP FAMILIES NOT TEAR THEM APART AND HELP ONE'S REALLY NEEDS HELP. But just nightmare and please do I have any rights I love my kids and just anymore I feel my heart has brOKen up and my home.

  • Hn
      15th of Aug, 2012
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    That's sad. Fortunately you still have one Son with you and I think if they were going to take him they would have already. I am sorry for your loss as this always is for a mother. I know from experience. Hopefully you keep the one close to you and eventually the others will probably return when they get older or need you because they have been "dumped" by the other family. I am sure that you will be there for them as you are still their mom and no one can change that. They might try and take it away from us "temporarily" but our babies will be back to the one that carried them and wiped their tears all those years and taught them how to be good people.

  • Jl
      20th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Thanks but its even hard to believe a true parents don't have much to say in things. To me CPS sounds more like money maken scam. And I thank they need to change the way they do. And yes some kids out there don't get seen about. But then they pick on a mother that does see about the kids. Yet they don't care about kids. Look alot kids in foster care really don't get seen about. Some die or go hungry.

  • Jl
      20th of Oct, 2012
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    But the problem is I had to sign my son's over to a parent that wanted there daddys Social Security cause that couple doe'nst work. I heard also that they couple is alouding them to drink and smoke. And there not in school hardley just doing bad things. I scared thow that one my sons' well end up hurt or shot cause that couple lets them have guns. Justs steal scarry.

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