Chevron Food Martmarlboro menthol black 100s and kings

Ik Dec 06, 2018 Vero Beach, FL

On multiple occasions I've patroned a Chevron station on 755 4th St, Vero Beach, FL 32962 to get cigarettes. Their advertised price is $6.19, which I have no issue with. My issue is that periodically, they have the . 50 off manufacturer coupon on the cigarettes and I never receive the 50 cents off. I'm charged 6.19 whether the coupon is printed on the pack or not.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Vero Beach, FL In addition, I receive mobile coupons and that store is listed as one of the stores that accepts them. However, when I've tried to use one the lady tells me their prices are already lower than anyone in the area and that she will not honor the coupon. So, I never receive the . 50 off that should automatically come off the advertised price of 6.19 but they also refuse to honor mobile coupons which their store is listed to accept.

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