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Chevron Corporation / not refunded for a car wash purchase

1 7314 Elsie Ave, Sacramento, CAChevron, United States

Good Evening,

I was just traveling through Elk Grove, CA and stopped at Chevron [protected]. I purchased a car wash at the pump for $13.00 along with roughly 8 gallons of fuel. The time stamp on my receipt says 12/30/18 19:54:35.

I went toward the carwash immediately after having filled my gas tank. When I went to the entrance there was a cone there. I went inside to inquire about the carwash. The gentleman working there told me that it was closed. I didn't catch his name. He looked to be in his late 50s and appeared to be of either Indian or Middle Easterb descent. He spoke with a heavy accent. I asked him if I could receive a refund since I couldn't use it. He told me that I couldn't. He stated that I needed to speak with the carwash owner and said I could use it on another day. However, as I live 150 miles away, this was not an option for me.

I needed to use the restroom so I grabbed the key to unlock it. I came back and asked him once again about the carwash. He told me that I needed to walk around the corner to ask some guy about it. I left angrily and when I went around the corner there was no one there. He kept telling me that he wouldn't refund my money. I had to go ask some random man that I never saw. When I went around the other corner there was a homeless drug addict lying on the ground vomiting so I didn't want to continue to search the area as it was also dark.

I believe that the owner of this gas station owes me a refund for the $13 car wash that I was unable to use. It was his machine that I purchased it from. If I was unable to use it then I should not have been able to purchase it from the Chevron gas pump. As it was a Chevron gas pump that sold it to me, Chevron should refund my money and then they may ask the gas station to have the money returned to them.

Dec 30, 2018

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