Chevron Corporation3700 bird rd, miami, fl 33133

Hello, I always go to this gas station to put gas, it's a block away from where I live and I really like the fact that I can pay with Samsung pay, I went to the store to buy something and tried to pay with my Samsung pay as I always do, this Guy who was in the Night shift his name is Carlos, told me the code was 123, my Samsung pay was getting declined because he was obviously giving me the wrong instructions.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Miami, FL I brought that up to him and told him there must be something wrong with what you are telling me it doesn't make any sense and he started to get incredible rude, I told him to stop arguing with me because I was a customer and should be screaming or arguing with me he responded "I scream and I argue with customers if they do it with me, hurry up swipe your card and leave, Hurry up! Swipe and then leave!" I was not screaming at him I was just trying to make him see he was giving me the wrong instructions, he clearly took advantage if the fact that I am a woman, he even said " You haven't even come here before I am sure" I just can't believe how he just told me those things and they don't even care, I felt that I was not safe there, he felt like he could do or say whatever to me and get away with it, that employee is dangerous he can get violent with any other customer specially with woman, I don't think he deserves to we working there. I never file complaints of a employee or a business, I understand people can have bad days but this was something over the top. Please provided proper training for phone pay systems and customer service to Carlos from the night shift for 3700 Bird Rd,
Miami, FL 33133 location.

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