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Ex Dec 11, 2018 Wausau, WI

On 12/8, I purchased a release shoe. The money was taken from my account on the same day, and this evening I received a very nonchalant email from the company stating they did not have the shoe. The email states that after searching all of their locations, they were unable to locate the shoe even after they took my money and sent a confirmation number out. The email goes on to say that my account was not charged; however, PayPal paid them on the same day.

I had to call a call center where I was on hold for over 27 minutes, and I had no choice but to sit and wait because they had my money and the email stated otherwise. Once I spoke with "customer service", I was told, "something happened with the inventory at the location where the order was originally sent." I am still not exactly sure what that means. In any event, the rep. graciously agreed to give me my own money back and to "officially cancel the order." Now mind you, he had to cancel the order and refund my money even though the email stated that the order was canceled and no money was taken.

I was not satisfied with how my purchase or money was handled, so I asked to have my complaint escalated because I wanted to make a formal complaint. I was transferred to a "supervisor.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Wausau, WI" She proceeded to argue that a confirmation number is not confirmation of a purchase and that a purchase is only confirmed through a tracking number or shipment information. I explained to her that the website makes no mention that the order is only confirmed after you receive tracking information, and neither does the confirmation email that was sent after my purchase. I asked her to email me or screenshot the language from the website (she still has not sent the language).

After discussing how I feel Champs was greedy when they decided to oversell the shoe, I asked how to make a formal complaint and my only recourse (from what the supervisor said) was to make a complaint on the Champs website, which appears to be laughable.

Ironically, their own websites says when an order is sent via their website it is processed as soon as you press "place order" so no changes or cancelations can be made. I guess that language is only true when it benefits the company.

This is the first and last to time this happens to me because I will never patronize any Champs or their affiliates. It is disheartening that companies can operate in such a manner. Just one last note, I am really pissed too because I was in the process of paying for the shoes on another website when Champs confirmed the purchase. Of course, I ended that transaction after Champs confirmed. Just sheer greed and a lack of consideration for customers on their part.

Order Number can be provided if any action is taken.

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