Chad Ostreicher / Robbed Us Of 350

1 Phoenix, United States

Chad Ostreicher has tons and tons of bad reviews. I've found one that started in 2011 that shows he has a track record of scamming people. Its my stupidity for not reading this before giving him money. We met online through reddit. He seemed like a solid person after exchanging multiple messages. He was struggling for money and said by his words that he "couldn't get by this month" and I started to feel bad over his situation. He told me about how he relocated to Taiwan after his clothing business Jusok went out of business and closed down. He was so shamed by everyone that he was forced to retreat to the other side of the country and start a new life there as a teacher. He did also tell me that he is a big fan of collecting art when he can afford to save for it. He had a few pieces he wanted to sell. I purchased two of his portraits that he had collected for sometime for 350. He assured me he would send both within 48 hours of sending the money. It has been exactly 93 days since our purchase. I've given Mr Ostreicher enough time to furnish a tracking number which he has failed to do multiple times. I also gave more than enough time for international travel. He has stopped responding and now has resorted to blocking my email address from emailing.

Jan 14, 2015

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