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This company has ripped many people off, and their company rated close to number 1 when you type in unlocked phones on the Google search. Google needs to watch the company's they put as the best results for what ever category you type in. This company is rated about # 1 for unlocked phones and the whole company is a scam, they don't even sell unlocked phones. I am a owner of online businesses and i develop all my online business. What this company did is they developed a legit/real looking online business that is acutley functional and that acutely works. They developed and created a online business but their is one thing the company is missing, and that's ALL THE UNLOCKED PHONES!. Their business is real and is all set up and will take money! But the only thing they do not have is the products they are supposed to have in stock and to ship. They take your money and make you think that they have a ware house full of cell phones. The only thing this company is missing is the product and they are a SCAM! No one buy from them and if you do tell them some one in your family is a lawyer and that you found out that their company is a scam and that you will sue them for $100, 000 if they don't refund your purchase in 2 days. This works and worked for me. Give their company a little scare it works.

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  • An
      Feb 17, 2010

    I ordered an unlocked phone through Cellular Blowout. I did receive the phone and it does work. It is a counterfeit Motorola, they did not ship expedited as I paid for, they then started calling to sell me magazines, and I'm convinced they gave/sold my credit card number to someone for fraudulent use. I would not do business with them again.

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  • St
      Feb 20, 2010

    Cellular Blowout is a SCAM! They have ripped-off thousands and thousands of people. Lets stop them now!

    Have you ever been ripped off by them? If you - do - please find time to send an e-mail to [protected]

    We are committed to stopping this scam from ripping-off more people, and will have them refund those who suffered!

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