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CELL ONE / No customer service

1 28 Towne Ctr, Danville, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 217-442-2355

I started a plan with this company because I wanted to try someplace different. Their plans were comparable to just about everybody else. Although at the time I felt that their 20 on 20 was a good deal so I went with them.

First off, they got my name wrong. I asked them to fix it, they never did. I asked them to fix it at least 5 or 6 times, they assured me they would. They did not. Then eventually, they put another wrong name on my bills. The lady said to me... 'well you must have told them that name or they would not have put on there' like she was offended at me! I said no, and she said that it was on my license when I gave it to them. How ridiculous is that? She just would not own up to it. Pathetic indeed would you not say?

My bill was supposed to be $65 per month. I averaged a bill of $110 per month over the time I had this service. I called and asked what the deal was and they told me that it was internet fees. I asked them what specifically it was and they could not tell me. So I stopped using the internet on my phone.

Then the next bill would roll around and there you have it, another large bill. I call again to ask what the deal is and I get a different person who still cannot tell me what is going on. I ask why I am getting charged for internet when I have not used it? They tell me that the picture messaging uses the internet. SO I ask them why they did not tell me that when I asked n the first place. They have no answer for me. So I cracked and just ended up buying a more expensive plan for around $80 a month to avoid these fees of going over the internet usage. Seeing as how nobody could explain a damn thing to me.

I get my next bill and lo and behold... more outrageous usage fees! I call back and ask to speak with a supervisor... God forbid I ask for a supervisor. Nobody can help me so they give me a number to call, I call it and it is a wrong number. I felt like going down there and making a scene. But I don't do that, I just do not feel that is a good way to act in public.

SO finally I get a supervisor and she explained everything to me, she told me that there were a couple of other things that caused these charges, (and she acted as if it was such a huge burden on her to do so). I told her that I asked the previous people (several different customer service reps) to tell me what was going on and they could not. She just said 'Sorry' as if she could care less, which is obvious that she did not care at all. Then she had the nerve to try and sell me a more expensive plan! She said well this has more internet usage on it and you should not go over... right, thats what they said about the other one.

I told her to take every possible thing that had to do with the internet off of my phone plan. She said ok, and when I told her to reduce my plan to a lower one, she tried to charge me several hundred dollars to do so. I said no, I'm not paying you that, your employees are not trained enough to do this job, and you don't seem to really care. I told her how I felt about the situations when I asked questions to several different customer service reps, that they just did not seem to care and could not, or would not help me. I told her that as a result of this companies negligent customer service, I was stuck eating outrageous bills every month. She did not care of course. what does it matter to them if I can pay or not?

I payed them without huffing and puffing though. Until this las one of $200+$139 for a bill before that that I could not pay+ another $40 for the month that they shut my phone off and did not even use, and several other fees. Right now the bill is over $400. I cannot afford it.

They will no doubt send it to collections, after adding several fees i'm sure. But you know what? I would rather pay collections than pay Cell One another penny.

I have NEVER had any problems like this with any other phone companies, I should have stuck with my previous company. Well, I am back to what works now though, great customer service and comparable priced plans.

As far as Danville and Georgetown Cellone. Don't deal with them. They just do not care. Oh yeah, and i'll be putting the name of the supervisor I spoke with up here as well. I have it written down on one of the bills so stay tuned.

Cellone in Danville and Georgetown Illinois is a bad company to do business with. Stay away.


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