CCSAdding funds without notice

I was involved in an accident on April 4th 2008. It was my fault, but the other party's insurance, AllState, went straight to the collection agency, CCS, in order to get the money($2300) from me. I got the paperwork with this amount noterized right away. I contacted my lawyer and this is extremely rare for this insurance company to do this immediately. I was making my payments monthly and when I got my notice in November 2008 for my monthly payment, there was $6000 dollars added on to the amount i owed. I called CCS and asked them to send me a copy of all the information they had for my file. I recieved 1 paper of numbers that made no sense to me. They refused to explain this to me. Then they sent another paper that I had to sign, agreeing that I would pay this extra $6000. I refused to sign the paper and they still are harrassing me in order to get the money now. I am still making my monthly payments and it is July 2009. I am only going to pay the first amount, $2300, and nothing more. When I send in my last payment there will be a letter from my lawyer with it. They have been calling me non-stop; this is harrassment and I will not take it. I am 24 years old and fresh out of college and I will not tolerate this company trying to take advantage of me.

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