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I feel that this company is a RIP OFF! Ordered a pair of shoes and I was keeping taps on my checking account regarding my order. Here's is how it went, First I waited for the item to arrive at the store here in town (Fresno) it never arrived so I order on line. The charge was pending as of last Sunday and then it dropped off. My bank couldn't understand but to be careful. So I sent an email asking the heck is going on with the order, no response then I called the local store asking how to call the online ordering because they do not list a number, (first guess never deal with a business who you can't contact)even the locals stores cant' speak to someone. Again I sent an email saying I no longer want the item and to please cancel my order, guess what I had the charge tacked on today this morning!!! Please do not do any business with this company and get caught up in a nightmare. They don't care that you are stressing they just want the money and don't care about you!!!

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