Cash Call Inc.awful experience

Cash call is definately a rip off. I just happen to go through my e-mails today and found my reminder e-mail to pay my cash call loan. I decided to call them to check my balance (thinking my loan should almost if not be paid off by now). To my shock and horror, I found out that I only paid $91.82 toward my principle loan and the money I paid over the past 16 months (which was $216.55 per month on a $2600 loan) went toward the interest only. Let me break this down, my original loan amount was $2600 @ $216.55 per month.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Anaheim, CA To date i've paid cash call $3464.80 on a $2600 dollar loan. I'm calling back tomorrow to get an account summary. They have received their money plus an additional $864.80 from me, I will no longer deal with this company and I will seek legal action against them. The other gentleman was right, they prey on people who really need help, and never disclose to you all of the information. I called myself making sure I asked questions and got the answers before I electronically signed anything. Don't ever deal with cash call!!!

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