Carnival Kia / False Advertising

1 Madison, TN, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 615-860-9888

My wife and I have purchased 3 vehicles from Rivergate Carival Kia. The first two were at one time. The third was another KIA to replace my that had been totaled when a driver destroyed mine by running a red light.
I am appalled by the blatant deception that this guy gets away with. $149 and a job and I can sell you any new car on my lot. It's a LIE. The commercial has no disclaimer that says you must have a good credit ratio.
We've sent many friends down to the lot, because of what Chris Bostick said in his commercial, and we expected him to stand by his word. Especially, since he professes Jesus and encourages people to follow Christ. Then he turns around on the same station and literally scams the poor in droves! He must be stopped. In this age of truth in advertising, Sabranes Oxley, World Com... How is this con artist allow to publicly Lie and deceive the poor. Why is nobody suing him???????Where are the attorneys??? Don't bother calling channel 5. You better contact another station that's not so flush with his ad dollars.
But seriously folks. If this guy is operating in some carefully created loophole we need some new legislation to stop scam artists like this guy from raising the hope of the poor only to bait and switch. It's the lowest form of gain.

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