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Bought a Dodge pick up truck, on 5th day A/C stopped working. I brought truck directly from work in to service nd was considering turning it back in on their 5 day return policy. Agent in Service department stated needed an appointment to bring it in and it would still be under warranty in a week when they could offer me an appointent. Couldn't get an appointment until a week later and had to drive in 97 degree temperatures four hours a day back and forth to work for a week with no A/C. Took it into service and they disassembled the vehicle at 8:30 am on a Friday then told us they had 8 more hours of work on it at 2:00pm same day. At 4:00pm went back to Carmax to get my GPS I had left in vehicle and it was just sitting on lot disassembled, for how long who knows. I was told it they would be closed all weekend and could not fix it until Monday now today Monday still not fixed and they state they do not offer courtesy cars unless we bought an extended warranty at purchase. So here we are Monday and the Manager says he doesn't know when it will be ready and they don't do customer service compensation for the inconvience of having to pay for a rental car for now four days. If he gets a loaner in over the next couple days he will call. I suggested a free oil change, anything? He was adament no compensation. I am researching lemon laws in GA now. No customer service and Quality inspection is a Joke. I will be calling and writing to Corporate then if still no result I am betting the law is on my side.

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  •   Aug 10, 2011

    Upset customer not the first,
    I understand your complaint. What started out as a simple a/c repair has turned into several days without your new vehicle. That really has to suck.
    I am not defending the dealer. I know nothing about them. But I did spend many years in retail auto repair before working in a fleet garage.
    I am sure the mechanic and the dealer has done everything they can to get your vehicle's air conditioning system working. Trust me, they do not want an angry customer hovering around their dealership.
    Yes, maybe they didn't diagnose it correctly and it has delayed you in getting your vehicle back.
    But, before seeking lemon law relief, ask yourself "Do you like this vehicle? Will you be happy with it once the air conditioner is fixed?"
    If so, allow the dealership to get it fixed.
    By all means, let them know you are unhappy with the amount of time it took them to fix it. Yet, thank them when it is done. You may need them for later repairs.

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