Caribbean Cruise LineOffice closed. Cannot redeem cruise

On 3-10-11 I spoke to a Jennifer in the Confirmation Dept to verify that I had received my reservation letter #BZ082712-090 under SHERRI KROEGER. She gave me a confirmation number KZ031011-087BRZ. I paid a $1000.00 for the "free" trip and upgrades
Login:KZ031011 password:66314
Trip was good thru 9/9/2012
On July 27, 2012 U received another call that my trip was about to expire and I must renew and upgrade so I paid another $1000.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL00
In 2014 ( I didn't write down the date) I received another call saying my Cruise was about to expire and I would lose everything. Since I had already paid $2000.00 I paid another $977.99 plus $99.00 for a trip to the Grand Bahamas ., rental car with $100 in gas vouchers, 3days/2nites in Ft Lauderdale, 3days in Lasvegas and 3days in Puerto Rico
That reservation #BZ072712-08OUEY
when I finally called to schedule the trip on 01-27-2017 then phone number has been disconnected and the internet is full of complaints about this being a scam!
I know I am a fool for paying all this money but I am 71 years old and that money means a lot to me. I have lost $3076.00 and have nothing for it!

Caribbean Cruise Line

  • Updated by Sherri Kroeger Maland · Mar 26, 2017

    Also sending letter to BBB and express mail certified to : Caribbean Cruise Lines
    100 W. Cypress Rd #700
    Ft. Lauderdale Fla 33307

Mar 26, 2017

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