Car Toys - Everett, Wa - Incompetent / installation

I had bought a used Honda, 2 dr coupe about a month ago. Rear speakers had previously been replaced and advised Car Toys of this. They checked this while I was there and agreed. I told them we wanted to replace our stock speakers with upgraded speakers in the doors. The passenger sid worked but the drivers side didn't. I had previously tested the driver door speaker and it was okay. The wiring from the radio to the driver door speaker was wired correctly. Somewhere between the speaker and the radio there was a problem and I advised the installer of this ahead of time. I left. Installer then installed everything before testing/looking at anything. We were then called and advised he couldn't do it as there was broken wiring in the door jam which was for the speakers. He said I needed to take it to a mechanic, have the broken wires fixed and then bring it back so he could install the speakers and then they would work correctly. I was charged 1 hr labor ($84.09) and got nothing from it. Had he checked the wiring first, as I had previously explained he would have seen the problem and I wouldn't have been charged an hrs labor of $84.09.

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