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I set up an account with these guys to do trading everything was fine when i was using the initial $10 free credit but i made my first deposit of $2500 and i could never seem to get in contact with anyone when it came to withdrawing my money from the site.
You must be careful with this company they are a major scam and will take your money. The owner seems to think he is some big shot posting his pictures on instagram of his fancy cars well its easy to do this when you scam people and use their hard earnt money to buy fancy cars with.

Do not use this capital trust markets for any online trading unless you want to get scammed.

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    This complaint was fake and i would like for complaints board to remove it urgently.

Sep 22, 2014
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  • Fx
      Sep 22, 2014

    This post was created by a Mr.Liam Toller, anybody who wants to know about this goof character..please search or google


    he just recently tried scamming me for a website i paid 2500 for! after his developer contacted me and told me he sold me a $58 theme i approached liam and he never responded to my messages after a week he ended up blaming it on his girlfriend! and never answered me when i told him i wanted a refund cause i paid for a CUSTOM WEBSITE!! long story short i got my money back!! and he called me crying tellling me his account is in MINUS!! and to send the money back and he would build me a new website..i dont trust this person anymore..HES A RAT GOOF!
    the whole internet is talking about him ..he continues to change his business names from HOT BOY DESIGNS TO THIZISHOT TO p360GROUP! he doesnt even know how to do CODING! he hires developers to do his work then brands it as his own..i should know! his developer contacted me himself directly!



    here is proof indicating our conversation that if i didnt send his money back he would LIE AND TELL EVERYONE ME AND MY BROTHER ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!! he really thinks this could work on us? what a joke...

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  • Fx
      Sep 22, 2014

    My brother is a successfull business man who LIAM always says


    well that scammin isnt working Liam...

    stay legit for once.. you know your court date with anno domini is coming up soon!!

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  • Ra
      Oct 07, 2014

    Hi there I was tempting to open a live account with Capital "Trust" Market and before that I have been investigating a little more.
    That is what I find:
    1st, the company belong to CTM Group Limited New Zealand incorporated (4623222) Registered
    2nd, this company only shareholder is Reza Mokhtarian who live in Toronto and is a Biochemistry, you can see his Linkedin profile
    3rd, this man and Ray Mokhtarian have a Report in with this title "Reza Mokhtarian Ray Mokhtarian Forex Scam, Stole and lost over $1M from Clients from 2008-2011. Toronto, Ontario"
    Please make your own investigation. This is just one investigation I'm not accusing anyone. Thanks.

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  • Im
      Oct 16, 2014

    The complaint by ricky reign seems to be unrealistic. Everyone can judge the credibility of ricky when he says that he was using $10 which was given to him as an initial deposit. How can ricky still be quite if he has not got his 2, 500- back by now? I am a client of Capital Trust Markets for a long time and know the owner personally very well. A person who already got everything that someone can dream of will definitely not run away with client's $10- or $2, 500-. Therefore, I believe this is just a stupid attempt to malign anyone's reputation.

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  • Mk
      Oct 16, 2014


    I've been trading with capital trust markets for more than 8 months now. They have processed all my withdrawal requests until now within 9-12 hours even If I request the withdrawal over the weekends. These guys are very professional and have been launching new technologies, softwares and mobile applications for their clients. I simple love them because of their fanatic support and instant withdrawals.

    Thank you,
    Kashif Khan

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  • Ki
      Jan 08, 2015

    This guy is the biggest scammer he takes your money and then hides behind people till you give up on looking for him. I know for a fact that he has over 3 law suits each one averaging about $50k that he has been dodging for the longest time. He pretends to know all these people when reality is that he is a punk kid who is a drug dealer trying to go legit. He tries to be all that, but when you think about it how can such a big talker still have to rent a condo and get cheap furniture, along with stolen laptops to operate his business. I have been trying to serve him papers for the the past year and he has moved from one condo to the next and dodges all my bailiffs that try to find him. BIGGEST SCAM ARTIST!! DON'T TRUST HIM!

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  • Ti
      Mar 13, 2015

    I have account and trading in CTM. I have deposit some money 1000 / 500/ 500 total 2000. The first i trading loss money, everything is happy with this broker. But I trade win and have profit. This broker have doing not fair with me as : auto closed my order, change stop out. Closed order with price not trust market... I and FPA have working with ReZa about this problem but He is not cooparete and don't get the reason why don't pay my money. I have withdraw 8500$ since 03/Feb/2015 it is not approved. Today I check my account. All money in my account is clearly by this broker. my account is 416926 name Tin Phan Huu. This is large scam. They will not pay money for you. Let away CTM.

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  • Aq
      Apr 28, 2015

    complain against ctm is right me and my friends ahve all money stuch there not giving withdawl fom 1 month i have all profes all screen shots recordings of mr reza mukhtarian and his meeseges each and eveything and i am going to proces case against him if anyone wants detail my skype id is aqil.arshad he is fraud...

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  • Xi
      Jun 21, 2015

    Stay away from Capital Trust Market.
    Their sweet talking scam mouth will make you believe whatever they said.
    I've been trading with Capital Trust Market last year and they change the rules all the time
    without noticing on the web or the way customer should know.
    You only know the rule changed when it's happened and you are the victim.
    Well, this is just the small part, there are big part of their scam is still going on.

    DO NOT TRUST CAPITAL TRUST MARKET (CTM), You've been warned.

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  • Ni
      Jun 23, 2015

    This guy ripped me off $35, 000 I have the cancelled check to prove, One of the biggest scams out there. Avoid him like the plague!
    Nick S,

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  • Th
      Jul 05, 2015

    CTM went out of business in June of 2015 and kept all clients monies
    and refuses to give back. I am one of them. The owner/broker Reza Mokhtarian lives in Mississauga Ontario and is trying to reinvent himself as OceanSky as seen on Periscope, Facebook and Instra Gram. Appears now to be targeting young men to mentor and eventually rip off. Tom Swapp, san diego, ca

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  • Th
      Jul 14, 2015

    Follow up regarding Reza Mokhtarian. I have filed criminal complaints with the F.B.I. in Washington, DC,
    the Toronto Police Department, The RMCP in Ontario, the Fraud Board in Canada, the
    Fraud agency in the U.K., and in New Zealand. I have given information to an attorney regarding a Class Action law suit started by Juan Carlos who says he was ripped off for 750, 00 Euros.
    I am pursuing all avenues available to me, and hope Mr Reza Mokhtarian ends up in prison
    where he belongs, in my opinion.
    My account# with CMT is 416857.

    Tom Swapp
    San Diego, Ca

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