Capital One Auto Brokers LLC / poor quality vehicles

14114 A Capital Blvd, Youngsvill, NC, United States

I purchased a 2002 Mercury Sable last year. A week later my check engine light came on so I took it to be looked at by Meineke who told me to return the vehicle because my Idol Air control Valve was bad and tires bald. There was no way the car could have passed inspection nd I still had 30 day tags. Capital One Auto Brokers owner Rhonda told me to bring car to her mechanic who only work 8-5 Monday through Thursday. She also said I would have to pay for tags nd title in order for her to take back the vehicle she just sold me a week earlier. It's a year later, I have replaced the idol air control valve, replaced battery, and replaced alternator. I took the car to her mechanic who replaced three holes in the hose leading to the air control valve, replaced idol air control valve Again, nd calibrated settings. Two days later the check engine light back on. The mechanic tells me that there are wrong car parts under my hood and that I news to take car to Ford Dealership. I was originally told they would fix my car and I would drive a loaner. The loaner I was given turned out to be a car recently in a car accident nd currently in an insurance claim/law suit. Rhonda was rude and inconsiderate. I dont recommend ANYONE goes to Capital One Auto Brokers Llc located at

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