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On Monday 11 March 2013 an agreement was made to purchase a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee at Canada Wide Auto Sales for $21 000 difference. This price was to include my trade in of a 2010 Ford Escape and include the payout to the Bank of Montreal for the $2600 left owing on the Ford. I was very clear that the $21 000 would be inclusive of ALL costs, including the buyout of the Ford for $2600 and the dealership agreed to these terms.

The next day 12 March 2013 I arrived at the dealership to pick up the 2012 Jeep in trade for the 2010 Ford. I had previously switched over my insurance to the Jeep so I was able to drive it home. I was taken to the finance manager (who was extremely pleasant and professional), as I would be financing the difference ($21 000). During this time I signed over ownership of the Ford and the application for financing was completed. It was only after this that the final bill of sale was given to me, which stated that the vehicle would in fact cost a bit over $26 000 difference which was not what we had agreed upon the previous day. I noticed that some add on services such as an extended service contract had been added without my permission however, even after these fees had been taken off the price was still $ 24 488. At this point I asked to speak to the manager, Benjamin T Pruden. When the manager came in he told me that the deal never was for $21 000 and refused to admit any wrong doing on his part. He told me that the deal never included the $2600 buy out for my Escape. This is not true as the day before I had been very clear to state that I would sign the papers if the $21 000 was the all in price and included absolutely everything including the $2600 buy out. The manager was extremely rude, pushy and refused to even meet me halfway. By this time I had already signed the Ford over to them, the financing remaining on the Ford had already been canceled and the financing started on the 2012 Jeep leaving me to feel as though I had to complete the deal. I was left to believe that I would be paying the agreed upon $21 000 until the point where it was to late to back out.

This dealership practices extremely unethical sales practices. If a price is agreed upon that should be the price that the customer pays. The dealership should not raise the price and only tell the customer at the point where it becomes difficult to back out. If I had realized before all of the paperwork had been done that the price had been changed. I would have backed out, however the price change was only revealed at the point where backing out was difficult or impossible.

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      Apr 30, 2015

    I was in contact Via Text with a sales person, Richard that said he was talking to his managers and negotiating a price for a Camaro.(all recorded on text) if Fact every time we talked the sales people would talk to the sales manager. We discussed the price of a 2013 Camaro with 6000km the sales manager told me he valued at 55, 000. I showed him a add from Sherwood Chev for a new 2014 Camaro with 400km for 55000. I was also offering my 2010 Camaro for trade. They came up with a differance of 36900 we than began to negotiate the price. I have EVERY text to prove this, The sales Person Richard and The manager Richard Were involved in the deal the hole time. My Camaro has a Wrinkle in the drivers door they were full aware. Again I will show text to anyone. I made an offer of 34000 difference. Once again made it real clear the dent was not going to be repaired and the car sold as is.(all in the texts) The sales manager told me he was going to give me 19000 and 2000 more if dent was repaired for my car...After I told him I had it appraised for 17000. The sales person Richard went to the sales manager and came back with a counter offer of 34500. Here Is the Text Richard sent me..(let me go back at the boss man) Short time later richard text this to me( OK... If your not fixing your car... How about 34500 diff with your car as is... It also needs tires and a windshield. Its going to cost us 1000 minimum to get that door fixed) I told him his Camaro has 6000km and also needs tires... I then countered with 34200 they had a deal if they accept it. Again Richard went to the sales manager. 1/2hour or so Richard Text me back and said that wasn't posable. Ok so I call my wife, tell her whats going on and she says just pay the 34500 and get it done she was exited about the car, as every new car owner is. So I text Richard Back Again and said 34500 you have a Deal!! 10min later I get a call, Suddenly Sales manager wants 36500 difference again. My mouth fell open. First I thought they were joking... No NO JOKE... Because I agreed to 34500 so fast they figured they could get me for 36500 because the had me hooked. Unbelievable.. My wife Drove from Camrose to show the car and spent the day there. This took place over two days. They Made me feel about nee high and imbarist. My Wife was disappointed. On top of it all They called the cops on me for texting the Salesman Richard... I have Every text. I never once said anything threatning of rude I was Strait Up business. Dirty Tactics used by SALES At Canada Wide Auto

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