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This morning a mother approached me to tell me she witness a staff member at the Springside Camp australia before care yell at my child . I had asked my daughter to give something to this particular mother. The morning of the incident, my daughter was playing in the gym, saw this mother and ran out of the gym to tell her that she had the item I had sent for her. By exiting the gym, I mean she entered the dining area. It was at this point that the staff member yelled at my child, telling her she was not allowed to leave the gym. This mother was shocked at how the staff member yelled in front of all the other children. She told me how her daughter was scared after what she saw.
Tonight I asked my daughter what happened that day. She told me that she was unaware that there was a specific rule about leaving the gym, she told me how she was made to sit with another teacher for 5 minutes for punishment. She also told me how this particular teacher makes up rules all the time. After this incident, a sign was put up about leaving the gym. I feel this punishment was unfair, no one was hurt, there was no way of my daughter knowing this rule was going to be made up at that particular moment. I think this could have been handled better by the staff member. Perhaps she could have taken my daughter aside and gentlly remind her of the rules. She also told me how one morning she asked for food and was told she couldn't have any, but other kids were given food.

I should be able to send my child to before care with out worrying that the staff aren't treating my child correctly. Kids have enough to deal with at school, they shouldn't be bullied by there teachers.

Mar 13, 2014
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  • Lo
      13th of Mar, 2014

    A child got yelled at in school. In other news ice cream tastes good and nobody likes getting a flat tire. Tell your kid to suck it up! Five minutes sitting with a teacher? Oh, how horrible. Your kid is $hitting you big time! Didn't know about a specific rule regarding leaving the gym? She didn't know that even though it isn't written, kids can't go where ever they want during school? You are going to have problems with this little angel.

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