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Calvary Portfolio / Scam and lies

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My son and his wife relocated to Georgia from Texas to begin a new life and moved in with me. Being a loving mother, I co-signed with my daughter-in-law on a vehicle through Ford Motor Credit to help them since they only had 1 car and two jobs. Long story shorten - they moved back to Texas after 1st grandchild born because her mother didn't work outside of the home.

A year later, car was reposed and sold but no one told or contacted me. I lived at the same place. I was told a year after the fact when I saw it on my credit report In 2007, it was written off. I was never contacted by Ford Motor credit...assumed ex-daugther-in-law took care of the debt. Wrong!

April 2009 contacted by this Calvary Portolio company saying what I thought they said was representing Ford Motor Credit to collect on this $9, 600 debt. Was almost ready to arrange payments but withdrew saying I don't even know who these people are. I since then have learned what kind of company this is.

They buy the debt $.10 to a dollar and then collect the full amount from you, even adding interest. Is this legal? Apparently so from what I have learned in my research. And it is also legal they can get your credit report as often as they can...but we can only once a year?

You fax back a reply to the fax number on the fax sheet and it just rings and rings. Send a registered signature required letter to them and it is returned NSN. Call and you get a voice mail to which they respond calling your work place because you quit answering your cell phone.

I know everyone has written about these people and the stories are horrible. I know people have written saying its your debt, pay it. I offered them $2000 in payments. They argued they needed $4000 from me and then they will go after the ex-daughter-in-law for the rest plus interest. I was the one who happened to answer my cell phone and have assets? No assets...just a good credit rating. I don't even own a home.

Shouldn't we all write our governors and our president especially through this hard economical times and ask some guidelines be met on this? That a law should be made that no company can buy a debt from a company once it was written off after their collections have ceased? And if you think I don't pay my are wrong. I am debt free thank you very much. I would gladly make payments to Ford Motor Credit...not to these bottom feeders.

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  • Va
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I was contacted by Cavalry Portfolio on Aug 21 by an automated woman asking me to verify my first and last name. They had me under my married name when I got divorced in 2003! I verified my name and an actual operator came on asking me to verify the last four of my ssn #. When I declined and asked who she was and where she was calling from all "Janice" gave me was her name. She said she was calling about a Sprint account that had a past due balance of $300+ under my married name dating back to 2001-2203. I asked her how she got my info and she said that they had bought the account from Sprint. I told her I would not verify anything with her until she told me where she was calling from. She refused so I hung up on her. I decided to call back a couple of minutes later and get further details about this supposed past due account. I then spoke to another woman (can't remember her name) who again asked me to confirm my ssn#. I finally gave in and gave her the number and she proceeded to tell me I owed this money due to a Sprint account I had back in 2001-2003. I verified with this woman that I did have an account with Sprint during that time however when I shut the phone off I didn't have a remaining balance. She said that wasn't the info she had. When I asked her where she was calling from she finally told me the name of the company. I explained to this woman that they wouldn't see a dime from me until I got a "bill" or invoice or something from Sprint showing I owed this money. She said they were unable to do that seeing as though Sprint closed the account and it was in collections. I told her she was out of her mind if she thought I was going to fork over any money without verification that this outstanding debt is actually mine. She said that was fine and that they would just keep calling me back! The nerve of these people. After hanging up on this woman I decided to look on the internet and check out their history and came across a website stating that collection agencies cannot call you on your cell phone regarding past due debts. This company called me on my cell phone repeatedly. I do not have a home phone so my cell phone is my only phone. I wrote three letters to the three addresses listed on their website. Until I get verification this bill is mine I am not paying these people anything. They are very rude and unprofessional by not giving out their company name when they call. Any legitimate company will tell you who they are when they call you.

  • As
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    Calvary Portfolio - rude and unprofessional
    United States

    I have no ideal who this company is they keep calling my house over and over and over again... they are very rude and act like a bunch of children... they are breaking the law and our rights as I see all the complaints about this company. I don't know how they are still up and running. I have asked to speak with managers and have told me that they will do nothing to stop the phone calls that my number has been removed but yet I am told they will call my house again tomorrow.

  • Di
      14th of Jun, 2009
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    Don't blame Ford Credit blame your deadbeat ex daughter in law

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