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California Pizza Kitchen / Crap

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This past Friday night on my way to see a friend's band play over in Fullerton, I stopped by the Brea CPK to watch the end of the Laker game and have a drink; that's right one drink. 45 minutes later after I was done with my drink, I asked the waitress for my check and she sweetly asks, "Are you sure you don't want another one?" Being a push-over I said OK and she brought me another. She was sweet (so I thought) and this is a good reason to tip her better. After about five or ten minutes, realizing I was too full to drink the second one completely, I asked again for my check and this time she and her manager decide I am too impaired to drive and that I take a cab they will call for me. I refused and proceeded to walk out to my car. As I opened the door, I am greeted by mall security who also tried to persuade me to get in the cab. I still refused and offered him and the rest of the CPK staff who followed me out a few kind words. Just then, the Brea Police show up. This all happened within two minutes after I said I refused to take their cab. If you research blood and alcohol content levels you will find that a person my weight 155 lbs. and the drink I had within an hour time frame, my blood alcohol content would be .06. Remember, I barely drank the second drink she persuaded me to get. How could I get that much more impaired in that 5 or 10 minute period from the time she offered me a drink. I am also suprised to see that the cab pulled up right when everybody else did. It normally takes 30 to 45 minutes to get a cab after you call them around here. Needless to say after the cops showed up I had no choice according to them but take the cab or they will pull me over if I get in my car and drive. This is proposterous!!! I believe CPK may have a deal worked out with the cabby and police department since they managed to show up so quick. I live in a condominium complex and it takes this same police department an hour to respond to a residential call. Could they be in cahoots with the Brea Police department offering up DUIs on a silver platter? Again, they had no reason to suspect I was too impaired. Oh yeah, I had to leave my car in the parking lot and when I went to retrieve it the next day my passenger side mirror was hanging off the door. I set out for a casual night of fun and look what CPK brings me after patronizing them for so long. I will never set foot in there accept to use their crapper.


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