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Cabot stain / Peeling problem

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I had used Cabot Solid Stain with Teflon for years with EXCELLENT performance. I extended my deck last year, built a bar and gazebo and bought the "same product" to spray the new work. As it was going on I could tell it was not the same. I needed to spray everything... about 15 gallons worth. I had called Cabot to ask where I could get the solid stain with Teflon and was told it wasn't available.
Now, less than 1 year later, vertical surfaces with no wear points are OK. Any places where anything rubs are worn out. Shady areas are green! Areas where you walk are worse than the teflon version after 5 years.
I've taken photos and I'm contacting Cabot... I'll update you on what happens.


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  5th of Oct, 2008
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Please do not waste your money on Cabots products. They will not stand up for their
products failures. I purchased over 200 gals and repainted every 4months.( Peeling and
color fading). I am looking for another oil base solid stain to repaint this new home again.
Calling the company or talking to their rep is also a waste

  27th of Dec, 2008
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I had problems in 2008 with a Cabots product I had used for years. The stain faded after one year in the sun. Anything exposed looks real bad due to the UV's destroying what little protecton was there.
The Semi-Transparent Stain's formulation changed due to the reduction in VOC content as manadated by the G-men.
Performance blows and Cabot's knows it.
There goes a $3500 stain job down the drain. They want to give me 16 gallons of solid stain as restitution. How bout a complete restaining of the house?

  7th of Jun, 2009
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We've had the same problem. Peeling.

  5th of Jul, 2010
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Stained front porch early summer 2009 using Cabot Clear Solution 3004 heartwood. It looked beautiful when finished . Within a few months the areas that were exposed to the weather started to fade. A year later it is faded so badly that those areas are several shades lighter than the rest of the porch. It looks terrible. Areas that doesn't have traffic or exposed to the weather still look very good. So much for all the hard work. I thought I was buying a good product.

  14th of Jul, 2010
+3 Votes

We have had the same problems with cabot stains. Now I'm looking for a stain that will hold that just finished look. Cabot was highly recommended! Even the deck that is under roof looks bad!

  9th of Oct, 2010
-2 Votes

We used Cabot deck stain ...solid oil base...when we redid our deck. A couple of days later, it rained and the water the entire deck is peeling !!!
What can we do?

  3rd of Nov, 2010
-1 Votes

Listen to me you CABOTS!!! I have been painting for 30+ years. I do nothing but high end work, all over the U.S. Your newer oil stains are complete Garbage!!! I am good friends with many, many Painters and Decorators and we all feel the same about your product. GARBAGE!! I USED YOUR STAIN FOR MANY YEARS BECAUSE MINWAX"S STAIN SUCKS BECAUSE OF THE SEALER IN IT. Its not our problem that your Chemist has his or her head up thier A_ _ES!! But the Cabots have made it our LOSSES!!! I have alot of Pride in everything I do and your CO. has cost me alot of $$$!!! U need to get that stain off of all Store shelves. Myself and hundreds of other Painters ect. will be Boycotting your garbage at Lowes Stores all across the Southern U S, and most of the north east!! HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW??? DANIMAL ECKLUND Paradice Valley AZ.

  22nd of Apr, 2011
-1 Votes

My husband is a professional contractor and he has had 2 deck jobs using the Cabot oil stain start to peel after 6mos of application --2010. He complained and a lab rep contacting him wanting him to get samples and pics of the issues.
Did anyone out there get recourse from Cabot on their labor or product when dealing with the company? It is really sad and causes my husband frustrations with his industry's non-quality products-- Any advice before we send our stuff through the mail to Cabot?

  22nd of Apr, 2011
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So it seems I'm not alone. I bought prestained clapboards when I built my house a couple years ago. Within 4 months the Cabot solid stain was cracking and peeling off. I contacted my lumber company and they showed up with a Cabot rep. and a rep. from the lumber company that did the dipping. They basically told me it was my fault because I "broke the seal of the stain" with some of my nails and when I cut the ends of the boards to fit. But they agreed to not charge me for the materials to restain my house as long I followed their instructions. So I did. I sanded all the cracked and peeling spots down to bare wood (which was basically the entire west and south sides), I hit all the spots with Bin stain sealer primer, then primed everything with Cabot Problem Solver primer, and lastly I hired painting contractors to restain everything (1 coat) to the tune of $2k. Last summer I called the painters to come put the second coat on and they couldn't because my stain was chalking! It had failed again in about six months! I was told the only way to fix this is to wash and scrub my entire house with TSP to ensure I remove all the chalk dust and then restain. My house is three stories! So what am I to do now, hire someone to wash and scrub it at another $1-2k and then have the painters come back for another $2k? This is absolute b#llsh%t and Cabot should go under!!

  10th of May, 2011
-1 Votes

First used Cabot's semi transparent stain on clear heart red cedar siding when our Kelly Moore no longer made the color originally used on our 10 year old house. Good results. Used every 5-6 years then 5 years ago, our painter noticed bubbles forming within a day or two of painting. He sanded, re painted. Bubbles have continued to form here & there over past 5 years. Now, very bad fading where wood is exposed and same color of oil based semi solid no longer available...tried similar color on one wall and bubbles are popping up again after two days. Our painter did a thorough wood cleaning and allowed to dry for 2 weeks! Cabots asking for bubbling paint samples retrieved on scotch tape along with photos and a completed questionnaire. From the comments made by other users in this forum, it would seem that Cabots should know by now that their product isn't holding up for even 2 days! Will be looking for another oil based semi solid stain before putting any more $$$ or time into this failing product. We have been flexible on color changes but not product failure. Any success stories out there?

  26th of May, 2011
-2 Votes

my professional painter in the business for 20 years used cabot semi solid deck and siding over my old bruning paint when color was discontinued. it was applied on a very dry house after being power washed.
i used the product last fall and it looked great. he got a new batch and painted one coat temps were about 65 to 70 and weather was dry at least 4 days before he started and after two weeks it is rising up and checking in large areas all over the house. paint just peels off on the areas . its as if crackle paint was has rained alot since 4 days after the paint was applied and temps have now been as high as 75 .it makes me sick to see the entire house so messed up. ive had it painted for the last 20 years. never had a problem like this always used oil stain. previous color was bruning semi transparent.any ideas on why, or suggestions what the next step would be. this was supposed to be high quality paint. .

  7th of Jun, 2011
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Has anyone experienced awful discoloration with the Cabot semi-transparent stain? Where my painter tried to tidy up a drip or a missed stop--it becomes shiny.

  9th of Jun, 2011
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June 9, 2011. Just had Cabot solid color (gray) oil base stain applied on new cedar wood by a professional last week. It blistered in spots by the next day and is not drying. It has been a week and you can take a sharp edge and peel the paint off in spots. The building supply where the paint was purchased says " something is wrong but Cabot says "your wood was/is wet. The building supply came over with a high end moisture meter and checked in many locations only to find NO excessive moisture, all readings were below the prescribed parameters. When this information was given to Cabot, they said the wood was too polished or shiny from the manufacturing process by the siding maker. Their suggestion --- sand the wood. ( you realize it has been already painted). Now, on inspecting left over pieces of siding anyone can see that the wood does not have a non-porous shiny surface as Cabot suggests.
I am not a happy camper and do not know where to go from here. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7th of Jul, 2011
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My partner and I have been in the painting business for over 30 years. When we called, Cabots admitted that they changed the formula and removed some of the solvents. They also stated that they know they have been having a problem with the paint with both peeling and that it doesn't look right and has flat and glossy flashing areas and that a week after it is applied, it is still tacky. Here is my question: thousands of homes across the country are being ruined. Does anyone want to start a class action law suit?

  7th of Jul, 2011
+3 Votes

I'm very upset! New house, large new deck, $$$$ to buy Cabot stain, 2 weeks spent preparing for stain, another 2 weeks to stain on ladders!, less than 6 mo. and it's all peeling off. Told to power wash and reprepare and restain. Just power washed it taking more than hours only to see almost all of it gone. Class action law suit an idea! I like it! My only suggestion is to replace wood with a polyresin material like Rhino decking. I had it at the last house and never had a problem but with fading and some spots. NEVER NEVER NEVER a hassle in 11 years like what we've been dealing with this summer. How do you want to proceed with law suit?

  8th of Jul, 2011
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Unfortunately the only people that make money in a class action law suit is the lawyers. My paint job, of one month ago, is still a mess (blistering, shiny and dull areas) and I still don't know what to do. See my post on June 9. I'm at my wits end and deep down feel that Cabot is not going to help. I probably will have to sand off the siding and apply another product. I'm am not getting any help from anyone at this point.

  1st of Aug, 2011
+1 Votes

Had the same type of problems with my new cedar deck. I was supposed to apply only one coat ( small print on the can ). The stain not aonl comes off it take a thin layer of wood with it. Now I will have to sand the entire thing to get it smooth again. Never had the problem with their older products ( recommended by Consumer Reports ) but never again will I use Cabot.

  25th of Aug, 2011
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Last Oct I used Cabot on our new deck I built in July. Our deck is 28x30 so I wanted a product that would last. Followed directions along with watching a Lowes video of how to stain a deck. In the video they actually used Cabot. I made certain the deck was clean as instructed and dry. Applied by spraying then back rolled. Looked great but was faded and no longer beaded water after 3-4 months. In the Spring I spent time by phone and email with Cabot. Did the forms, sent pics and more pics. I was told since I back rolled and did not back brush played a role of why the stain faded away and I needed to wait until the product has all faded away. Get this. The Lowes video showed the guy back rolling not back brushing! From all the multiple excuses of why the product failed such as application, wood cupping, deck boards placed upside down, etc. seems to me they know they have inferior product and it wouldn't last. Told me to call back in Oct and after I send more pics they may replace the product. I have decided to forget Cabot and all the hoop jumping for $300 of product and go to another brand. Word of mouth advertising is the best so here goes. Think twice before using Cabot or Valspar company products.

forget it and go with another brand. It is not worth the time to be given replacement product only to happen again. No longer will I ever use a Cabot or Valspar company product again.

  8th of Oct, 2011
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Just had my deck stained with Cabot semi-transparent Mission Brown, and it dried unevenly. I am having problems like some others here--it is matte (which I wanted) in about 1/4 of the deck, but the rest is glossy/shiny and looks still wet. It is also feeling tacky even a few days after application. My contractor has done many decks, and has never had this happen before. He feels terrible! He prepped thoroughly and even use some TSP and brightener. The deck was dry when he put it on. After reading other posts here, I am now worried that it will not only look horrible, but start to peel too! With a high Consumer Reports rating, I had false confidence in the product! Any advice on what brand to use to fix this mess? Does anyone like Behr? I went really dark, so do I have to go even darker to cover this?

  27th of Oct, 2011
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I was considering using either a solid or semi-solid Cabot pigmented stain on my new mahogany door. after reading these posts I will choose another product. If Cabot does not stand behind their products, they will have no excuse for going out of business. If Cabot is relying on the unsuspecting consumer, the company is already doomed. Good and reliable products and customer service keeps companies in business, not excuses, or lip-service. From these comments, it appears Cabot products are a bad investment.

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