C Spirewireless service

I was out of town for the peach bowl. I was watching the game in atlanta when my parents decided to switch my cell service to c spire after being with at&t my entire adult life. I had no qualms about it at first, because I got an iphone 7 plus (128 gb) at little to no extra cost. it seemed like a good idea. they were running a promotion of "unlimited everything" for $65 a month and no money down. sounds amazing, right? I thought so, too. afterwards, problems arose that I didn't previously have at at&t though. unfortunately, the regional provider (c spire) has slower data speeds than my at&t home internet connection. for those of you that know data speeds, i'm getting a download speed of.33 mb/s and an upload speed of.11 mb/s on this c spire lte network. for those of you that have no idea what i'm talking about, that is slower than 3g and possibly 2g. well, I was fed up. after having my new iphone for less than a month, I realized my data speed were utterly disgraceful and my phone calls on a regional network were dropping as often as with my former network. go figure. so I made the call to their support center where I waited for a mere 3 minutes before a human being interacted with me.. after this "technical assistant" answered, I provided her my password, name, and credentials and quickly began asking her questions about my plan and their respective network.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hattiesburg, MS this assistant answered 3 of my questions in all. she tried to reboot my phone. afterwards, the network was still slow and I mentioned it to her while on the phone. I began asking her what was wrong with their network considering this is their region... but to no avail. she actually hung up on me. then, after waiting a substantial amount of time, I contacted technical support a second time. the gentleman that answered my call this time was very polite, but had no idea what he was talking about as far as cellular networks are concerned. he dealt with my earful of questions, but gave incorrect answers. unfortunately, i, as the consumer, know more about their network than they do. I decided to switch back to at&t because I was told I had 30 days to make that decision. after I decided to make that decision, my cellular device which I traded-in after I got back home from the peach bowl is now gone forever. they won't reimburse me for the full price of the phone, only for the next-to-nothing that my parents spent getting the device while I was out of town. I am stuck either buying myself out of my old contract at at&t with no phone or with c spire's (the garbage-inspired network) utterly useless network with my new iphone that takes 2-3 minutes to load an internet page. I would not recommend anyone ever getting service with this carrier. the drivel they speak is just that. avoid this network at all costs.

Jan 27, 2017

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