BWS / Team member scanning their own rewards card

1 vale st cooma, Cooma, New South Wales, Australia

Today just before 5pm my husband and I purchased a carton of becks beer from the bws attached to the our local cooma store. Not sure if the liquor department accepted rewards card I didn't present mine at purchase, thinking to myself that the operator would ask. The item scanned at $42, my husband informed the operator the ticket said $40 in the fridge. They went to check the price. The operator said he couldn't perform a refund or price change and we could wait for the supervisor to come if we liked. As it was only $2 we said not to worry and paid for the product anyway. My husband watched the operator take a card he had stuck to the register and scan it, confused as he had not seen me present my rewards card. He asked did you use your rewards card on that? I said no, grabbed it from my purse, then said oh it doesn't matter. Thinking if the operator had no clearance to refund, he probably wouldn't be able to add my rewards card. As we left the store my husband told me that the operator had scanned a card and when we looked at the receipts it stated a rewards card had been used. $2.00 from our purchase had been rewarded and added to the total of the card. I took the receipt to the stores service desk, asked for the duty manager. Craig the duty manager attended and we informed him what had happened. He went to the bws department and took two rewards cards from the operator, none of them matching the card used on the receipt. I left the receipt with Craig for follow up. Craig seemed distressed with dealing with this situation and I walked away from the counter not feeling confident that my complaint would get to the store manager. Thus I have decided to raise it through this web site to ensure that it gets investigated correctly. Also to ensure that the two other cards from the operator didn't mean that other employees where involved in the card scanning scam. Thank you for your time, Karen Farrell

Dec 13, 2015

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