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Burlington Coat Factory / customer service/ no return

1 Great MallMilpitas, CA, United States Review updated:

I purchased a coat from Burlington coat factory less than a month ago. I went to return yesterday and the female at the counter looked at the tag which was with the coat but not attached and said that she can't return it and only give me store credit. As the coat was for 150 dollars. I said I can attach the tag and return it again, to which she said ok. I went backt o them today to return the coat and this time there was another person. She looked at the coat and my receipt (which had a cancelled sentence from yesterday saying no tag attached). So she called the supervisor. She looked ta the coat and said this is not our tag. I was shocked to hear that. She simply accused me. I told her that it is the same tag as was originally with the coat. She mentioned that their tags look different and she got another coat with a different tag and showed me that. She also mentioned that no attandent can ever say that you can come back with the tag. She asked me why did not I spoke to the supervisor yesterday. I mentioned that I told the person yesterday if she can speak to her supervisor and let me know, to which she said it is the store policy so she can't do anything. This rep (tity) accused me again saying now i am chnaging my story. And she kept of saying that this is not our tag and I am changing my story. I felt extremely bad as she would not let me finish and kept accusing me of anything I will speak. Finally she said give me your visa card as I don't want to deal with you. I tried to convince her that it is their tag. I am sure one simple thing like scanning the tag would have simply resolved ths issue- but she did not. She was loud and very insulting. She said you could not return it yesterday and you obviously know that some other person will be there today so you are trying it on me. I said I came back not at all knowing that I will have a different person. Then she said I dont want to deal with you, give me your visa card. I took out my card and I said what a customer service. She said now you cursed me. i am not doing anything for you. She threw the bag at me and said I will not do anything for you as you cursed me. I was left zapped. She did not help me at all. The other women standing at the counter gave me a card with a number to call- which I called and it was closed for the day. Hence I came back again today without returning the coat. It was the worst ever customer service experience I had. For sure I will never buy again from them, nor I will recommend any of friends to buy from there- but the people who have there are not just extremely bad to the customers but abusive too. The tag attached to the coat is their own which they could not even recognise. Very bad!! And they way their rep tity behaved- even worst.

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  • Ki
      22nd of Aug, 2010
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    So first of all i like to talk about the dating we have there at Burlington Coat factory in Mundelein, IL. I didn't know that its okay for people whom are managers to date there staff their employees. They show favoritism to there men only. You can work as hard as you like but you never get an promotion if your an lady working there. they pick on you always & say nothing but negatives things to say to you. If it isn't you color that keeps you from getting head than its because your an lady. It plain and simple BAD management is there and Corporate does nothing to help there employees. You can complain over an thousand times and they do nothing. They talk about code of ethics respecting each other... why do it if the Store Manager slanders you every chance he gets. Really why work for an company that doesn't values its employees or workers they have... They would rather hire outside the store than promoting within. WOW I don't what to do about this problem we have in Mundelein, IL. Please help...

  • Ia
      30th of May, 2011
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    dont pull the tags off until it is tried on. buy the right thing the first time and there will be no issues.

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