Burger Kingno lock on bathroom door! what?!

The bathrooms are single occupant and the men's has no lock. The broken handle was swapped with a generic Home Depot handle with no lock. So, not only do people walk in on you, the rest of the restaurant gets to share in on the embarrassment. This is a newer Burger King and I cannot believe this has gone on this long.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Charlotte, NC I certainly hope there is at least a legitimate plan in place to remedy it. We were here a couple weeks ago and there was an out of order sign because of the broken handle. Seriously, what was done is not an acceptable fix. It takes a locksmith an hour tops to fix. If I come in again and it's still an issue, I'll it to Twitter, Yelp, and Google. Oh! And as I'm writing this there's a curly hair on my cheese..

Burger King
Burger King

  • Updated by No, thank you!!, Nov 23, 2018

    The employees were extremely courteous, helpful, and apologetic regarding the cheese issue.

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