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I always have loved whoppers. Today I bought a regular whopper and a double whopper. I got home and took them out of the bag and handed my husband his double whopper, when we took off the paper they were wrapped in they were very flat and old looking and we took the top bun off and instead of shredded lettuce it was just parcial pieces of lettuce. The tomatoes that was on them were end pieces and had 2 on each whooper because they were so small. The onion was cut in long strips and wide. I ask for cheese and of course there was none on either whopper. I was very disappointed!!! I tried to call the store several times and no one answered. Finally when they answered it was a young man and could barely hear him as it was so loud. When I ask for a manager a young girl came to the phone and I could barely hear her. When I started talking she hung up. I won't be going to that burger king anymore. I hope something will be done about this. Thank you, debbie dixon

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  • To
      May 21, 2008

    My wife became extremely ill after one of your bk fish sandwiches. We felt some ought to know about it. she had diarrhea and throwing up for nearly 12 hours then weak stomach for another 24 hours. This occurred on the afternoon of 05/20/2008!

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  • Cw
      Aug 18, 2008

    Numerous complaints to Carrolls, Inc. dba Burger King have remained unanswered. Poor service, dirty store, untrained employees, long waits for menu items, etc. Evidently Carrolls doesn't care about customer service.

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  • Sa
      Oct 01, 2008

    i got a salad from bk and i was half way through it and i saw a huuuuuuge dead moth in it and we called and they didnt do a thing

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  • Do
      Oct 07, 2008

    I got a whopper for lunch, drove straight home, which took 3 minutes. my sandwich was ice cold, the bottom of the bag was greasy, I had to clean my car seat after I saw the bag. Even the paper around the sandwich was greasy. My cat, who eats anything that doesn't bite him first, would not eat the sandwich. THAT'S PRETTY BAD!!!

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  • Ki
      Mar 22, 2009

    Funny! That just happened to me by the Airport in Portland, ORE. Only we tried to eat the food in the parking lot, and
    it was stone cold without the time delay. I told the manager
    and what I was told was: ".. Gosh, Sorry 'bout that!"
    No want for replacement or refund, or we'll reheat it, or

    Gosh, Sorry 'bout that! Like a David Letterman one-liner.


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  • Da
      Jun 17, 2009

    worst sandwich i ever had taste like it set around for a while i got a tender crisp chicken sandwich. also why have a survey if you cant talk with a person. my code for the survey is wh94764 i dont plan on using it . i dont like your ff or drinks so why would i purchase these items to get a free sandwich. i have had good food before but i wont go back for a long time a four dollar sandwich should never be this bad. believe me i am the kind of person that will tell a lot of people what kind of experence i have had . however if you deem to make it right i will remember that as well. not happy dave

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  • Ch
      Aug 07, 2009

    i received cold food after waiting 35 minuts iam discusted

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  • Cy
      Mar 10, 2010

    The funnel cake strips tasted like the batter was old or the oil was old

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  • Ca
      Jul 05, 2010

    I don't understand, did you eat it? . if it was so bad how come you were able to eat it? if you couldn't eat it return it for a refund.

    Dale Stevenson

    crew member

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  • Ch
      Oct 28, 2010

    Bk does not use shredded lettuce and 2 tomatoe slices go on the bigger sandwiches. So what do you want them to do. Replace 2 sandwiches because they forgot cheese. Or do they owe you 2 pieces of cheese? Why are you complaining on here instead of taking it to the Gm of the store???

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  • Ea
      Jun 03, 2016
    Burger King - BK fish have a horrible grease taste
    Burger King
    United States

    Horrible grease taste of the BK fish will never order it again. They need to come up with something that tastes less like a cheap fishstick and more like godons frozen fishsticks. But even godons are a little heavy on the breading as well. But much much better taste. Whoever said the regular BK fish tastes good is dead wrong. I do want to try and cilantro lime fish sandwich because I think that is a very good idea for a sandwich those are the best flavors. Hopefully its not using the same fillets as the regular BK fish.

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