Burger Kingdisgruntled employee

Mr Nov 25, 2018 Portales, NM

I work for the Burger King in Portales, NM 88130. My complaint is against one of the managers there, the assistant gm manager to be exact. She keeps cutting hours of us employees, and it seems like she is doing this for no reason at all. Not only that but she is very rude to the employees and sometimes has some very rude things to say to us such as damn you need to lose that gut or you are so slow because that gut, it really gets to me and hurts my feelings when she says that to a certain employee because we are all there to make a living and take care of our families.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Portales, NM Some of us are even struggling to pay bills because she has cut hours so much, and we are full-time employees. I myself have a daughter to take care of and other bills that I am struggling to pay. Another thing is how she keeps taunting us with how much she is making on her checks due to always getting overtime and it seems like she is stealing the hours from us so that she can make that much, and telling us that she will fire us or suspend us from work if we do not do what she says to do right then and there. I love my job and have ALWAYS loved Burger King, but this manager is making it a literal hell for us to work.

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