Burger King #3745incomplete and over cooked food/ poor customer service

On 11/30 @9:07 PM I ordered 2 10pc nuggets and large fry in the drive thru. When i got to the window I wasn't greeted just stared at till i gave him my card which he swiped and didn't give me a receipt for. I was asked what kind of sauce i wanted. I said 2 sweet&sour and a buffalo and ranch. I got 2 sweet&sour 2 ranch. When i went to eat my food the chicken nuggets were over cooked and not even warm plus i was missing 3.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Smith, AR I called them to let them know what had happened so they might do better next time to which I got the response of they were probably out of buffalo and an apathetic do you want your 3 nuggets. I said I'm not coming back for 3 nuggets I just wanted you to know and in the same apathetic tone was told ok bye. This is ridiculous and unacceptable behavior and I would appreciate it if they were reprimanded since a customer calling them doesn't matter.

Burger King #3745

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