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Bulldog Broadband / This company is disaster!

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

I had very bad experiences with Bulldog that I though I should share with people or if possible executives of the Bulldog organization. Here is a brief detail of the complaint that I wrote to Bulldog:

It seems as if every time I had used the customer service for bulldog I had to resort to your complaint system. I understand that existing residential customers is least of your priorities, but getting a customer to speak with a supervisor to help escalate a few issues would not hurt your organization. I have been trying to get my connection moved to a new address and put a request for the same on the September 20th. The customer service representative told me that it would take up to two weeks to get an installation date. Then after two weeks I spoke with another customer service representative and I was told that it would take 2-4 weeks to get the date. Today, I spoke with another customer service person, and I was told it could take up to six weeks. Is there anything that can be done inside of your organization to satisfy your customer?

I am in urgent need for my new connection and I am not able to get anybody to escalate this. This is my final resort to see if your complaint system is effective enough to resolve my issues.

The following are my details:

Reference Number: bdol6947543

Order placed on September 20th 2006

I hope to get some sort of reply or resolution on this.


-Ranjan Soni

The customer service is so poor that they would not let you talk to a supervisor regardless of the urgency of the situation. Every time you talk to their customer service representative you would hear a different rule or difference excuse. This is not my first time that I had to resort to their complaint system. When I initially got their broadband six months back, their connection was faulty and it took my several days to get through to anybody. Their technical team could not figure out anything and every time you called, they told you to wait two days. I think there is something very seriously wrong with the customer service of this company that needs to addressed and publicized. I would not have resorted to any of this, if they had some escalation process for their customers. I think they do not care about their existing customers, only when you are a new customer that they listen to you. They have outsourced their customer service to locations where people have no clue what they are talking about. They do not know the company policies and make up facts just get you out of the line. In some cases, they even hang up on you. This is a disaster of a company to deal with (at least the customer service part of it) so please be careful before you enter into any contract with them. There are several other alternatives available that you can try where the situation is not that bad.

Location: London, UK

Company: Bulldog Broadband

Hope this helps someone!

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  • Ge
      8th of Aug, 2006
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    Bulldog Broadband - Cheating the customer's
    United States

    I'm writing this mail regarding a bulling by Bulldog. I'm sending you a letter which I send to Bulldog complaints centre which gives you a breaf description of the problem I'm facing. The following is the letter I send to Bulldog Complaints.


    I ordered a Bulldog Broad Band on 9th Jan. 2006. I got the connecting accessorise on 19th Jan. 2006 by post. I connected the BroadBand next day 20th Jan. 2006, as soon as I connected your bulldog broadband my computer crashed due to virus and my computer was totally dameged. I immediately called at your customer service and spoke to one Ms. Fortune. and explain my problem but she couldn't help me on this matter she say's to me the bradband is all right I was using AOL dialup internet service since a long time I didn't get any problem but as soon as I disconnect AOL and started Bulldog my computer crashed due to virus.When I told her about this she was helpless so I asked to cancell this service and she said it will done and I when I asked my cacellation reference and whether I should send the modem back she said there is no need for this and she said it will be done in 30day's. she said I will get information after 30 day's.

    After 30 days I get email regarding a payment, when I mailed back questioning this they said it was misake and ignore this bill. In the mean time I went back to AOL dialup and I have no problem with that. Then I decided to take AOL Broadband, here I was told to get MAC code from you. I contacted you regarding this, I was told they will send it by post. But I did not receive anything. I follow-up this matter but I did not get any help. Then I went online in your web site (May 21st & 22nd) and was given 2 ref. nos. BDR910463X and BDR912271X saying you will contact me but didn't get any contact. After some day's I called you and asked about the MAC code and here I was told that there is no MAC code on my tel. line and they gave me 2 seize date 24/02/06 & 25/02/06.

    Then I contacted my BT service and explained the problem and they advice to find out if there are any markers on my line. I then conveyed this information to you this time I was told that my markers will on July 3rd. Today ( 01/07/06) I received a post from you to pay 119.51 GBP.

    This is outrageous . First of all due to your broadband my Laptop was distorted and I had to buy other one secondly I disconnected & Cancelled Bulldog Broadband within hours of Installation thirdly you blocked Telephone line I couldn't access any Broadband for 6 months fourthly your customer service is one of the worst services I have come across. All the time I was contacting them they never mention my detailed status or any thing regarding my bill. It look like you were purposely prolonging my problem.

    This is really cheating the customer's, either fully cancel the bill and disconnect me from Bulldog or I will have to go for legal action against you.

    Thanking you,


  • Ja
      15th of Dec, 2006
    0 Votes

    Its not the company's fault, its your crappy computer. you have a computer that is susceptible to viruses, and you obviously didn't take proper precautions.

    Don't blame the bed because you got an std!

  • Mi
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Im with the terrible bulldog broadband internet "service" provider.. since being with them ive started to receive every piece of mail going telling me ive won this competition or i can claim this or i can get a cheap loan etc etc... you may think this is nothing to do with bulldog.. BUT on my sign up to bulldog they spelt my name incorrectly... and all these "YOUVE WON 1 MILLION EUROS ON THE SPANISH LOTTERY!" letter have the same mispelt name...

    Anyone else at bulldog received these??

  • De
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Bulldog Broadband - This company needs shutting down!
    United Kingdom

    took them 3 week after my connection date to get connected kept saying the fault was at my end and every time I phone them (after eventually getting throw) it was the same old thing "try a new connection" I had about 11 new connections in my network places ,and the fault was with them in the end. They never phone u back u have to chase them. there technical support are utterly useless, they all read from the card they are given for when u phone them no training and u are lucky if u get someone that speaks English u can understand. There technician are just as bad 1 said "u need Q.O.S. (quality of service) installed that y u can’t connect... There billing department are in Molter with only e-mails to contact the rest of the company that’s in the UK. They forget to take there own payment and then take all the money in 1 lump sum witch can make overdraw in the bank then receive the bank charge 4 being over draw!! Bulldog... Should be called B@*l?!##t

    p.s. I got cut off so i phoned them up and paid the full bill there and then over the phone.on the web site it said reconnection will take up to 24 hours but in some cases up to 48 hour... after 48 hour not connecting so i phoned them they say in the next 24. This happened for the next three weeks until i ask for my mac code and left and now with eclipse speed not so good but there customer service is so far so good.
    Now 3 month after I've left bulldog there asking for the last 3 month money and a disconnection fee totaling £91. They can swivel for it i will fight them all the way... there is no way I'm paying for a service I did not receive!.

    These people are conning people every ware theres complaints all over the web, there no better than a scam artists or a petty criminal.

    We need to make a stand! Trading standards here I come!

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