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Buffalo Wild Wings / unprofessional management

1 2035 N Central Expressway, McKinney, TX, United States Review updated:

My friends and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night and I must say I feel very fortunate that I am not an employee of this company and dependant upon income from them given their policies and more specifically the way that management treated us and their own employees.

My friend was cut off and told by the waitress that he consumed too many drinks for the time he had been there. He is a big guy and had consumed 7 - 23oz beers in 4 hours. The waitress said... "I can see that your fine but there is a formula." When pressed for specifics about exactly how many as too many the waitress lacked a definite answer. We asked to speak with the manager.

The manager came out and offered little insight into their policy then proceeded to blame the waitress saying she should have cut you off sooner and that she didn't handle the situation correctly. He was not interested in our effort to understand their company policy and walked away from us while we were still talking to him.

Why isn’t a manager responsible for cutting of individuals? Cleary they have not properly trained their staff to handle these potentially challenging situations and it really puts a waitress in a difficult situation that could potentially impact their tip. I was very disappointed in their lack of transparency relative to their policy and this ensures that I wont be back. In addition the manager went directly to the waitress and berated her into tears in clear site of us and everyone else in the restaurant.

We were also told by a waitress there that she had to pay for a $50 dollar tab the other night because her table walked but Buffalo Wilds Wings does not want them chasing people out of the building.

Wake up BWW! You can’t treat your employees like this and expect to retain anyone that cares about your customers. Quit throwing them under the bus find some better ways to solve your industry challenges.

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  • Aw
      21st of Mar, 2011
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    Thank you. I am a server at BWW's and witness time and time again how little the company cares about us. Everything is the server's fault, and I feel that the whole restaurant is set up to make the employees feel punished. If a table walks out, the server has the option to either pay or be written up. Management claims that this is a "tracking method, " but ask anyone what they consider a write-up to be and they will say "disciplinary action." Many of my co-workers have opted to just pay the bill to avoid being put in the books -- How sad! Also, management refuses to add 18% gratuity to large parties, which forces the servers to work very hard at providing company-level service to many people at once and typically not being rewarded for it. It is punishing. My co-workers actually fight over who has to take big tables. The company aslo has ridiculous standards to which the servers are attested, lest their hours be cut. Right now, I have to recieve complimentary customer feedback via a survey in order to keep me job. I also have to sell chili con queso as an appetizer, keep my guest check averages over $13, mention a ridiculous phone app that rarely functions, and bus any dirty tables in under two minutes. If I don't do this, I will be reprimanded. It may sound petty and ridiculous, but I honestly feel that I am not paid enough to fulfill such standards.

  • La
      22nd of Apr, 2012
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    yeah that place is horrible we just went like always every friday after work but unfurtunately the manager on Charge (Kristen Williams ) discriminate the rest of my team just because they was talking in spanish and another thin, that i order a beverage with alcohol and they did not ask for ID but when one of my friens ask for one my friend was from mexico he show one ID from there and the Manger told my friend that they did not accept the document so I ask the Manager what was wrong and he said nothing just we cannot sell alcohol with ID from other country ID's have to be from here of other country we are no accept ID's from Mexico and he told me to please told my friends to stop talking in spanish because the rest of the people that was there can feel upset because did not understand what my friends said.

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