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Budget Car Rental / billing

I rented a mid-size car through Orbitz for two weeks in Orlando in mid-March. Through BUDGET they quoted me a price of 378.88. When we arrived at the Orlando airport, Budget told me that a Caliber had been reserved for me. I promptly told them that a Caliber was not a mid-size car, so they offered me a full-size car...a Malibu! When I tried to tell them that a Malibu was not a full-size car, they offered me a Lincoln Town car instead.
After arguing back and forth, I took the Malibu. Now my bill became 531.39 US dollars instead.
I have rented cars on vaction before and I know a mid-size from a full-size car.
My point is this...avoid both BUDGET and ORBITZ unless you like paying more for less.

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