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Brookeside Kennels-Brooke Sanders / hip displasia

1 Albertville, AL, United States Review updated:

I purchased a puppy from Brooke Sanders in August of 2009. This puppy was from her female Misha and Silvermine Kennels male Adam. My puppy Hudson had bloody and loose stools, he had to go to the vet and was diagnosed with Giarrdia which had to be treated. I did notify Brooke of this and she said she was sorry but the puppy was not sick when she had him at the vet.

Hudson's hips were x rayed at 6 months of age and he was found to have hip displasia. I contacted another buyer who had gotten a littermate and her puppy also had hip displasia. When I contacted Brooke about this problem she told me that another buyer in Alabama had informed her that his puppy's hips were bad. There were 7 puppies in this litter, they are now 10 months old and 3 for sure have hip displasia. I was told that her female Misha's hips were fair. The OFA does not have any thing that her Misha's hips were ever checked. This was Misha's 3rd litter all before age 2yrs.

Hudson is 10 months old and is on a joint suppliment and sometimes anti-inflammatories, he can not go up and down stairs or do any of the things that most puppies his age enjoy. If ou have purchased a puppy from this breeder and have problems you can contact me.

Judy Essmann
W5350Wildlife Lane
Fond du lac, Wisconsin [protected]

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  • Sl
      28th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    giardia is common, so what.
    Stresses bring it on.
    dont buy any more dogs in the future if you dont want any problems.
    dogs are like people...they have issues too !

  • Si
      28th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am not the breeder of this pup, we only provided stud service for Brooke's Misha. Hip dysplasia is a tragic thing and I am sorry that your pup has it. OFA says that two dogs with good or better hips will produce at least one dog with dysplasia in 20 % of the litters. So even though we try to prevent hip problems with selective breeding there is no way to know when dysplasia will turn up. Brooke is not at fault here. Giardia is transmitted by feces, so a dog can contact his or her own feces or another dogs feces and turn up with Giardia. It is easily treated and controlled with antibiotics or Panacur

  • Sc
      30th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have purchased another of Brooke's puppies from this litter and had similar health issues at the begining. Brooke was very accomodating and helpful. Our dog has no problems with hip dyspalsia. I am generally pleased with our dog! Sorry to hear about the others with problems.

  • Ri
      27th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Brooke felt very bad about what happened with the puppy she sold to me and is now trying to do everything she can to make it right with me. She has promised to provide another puppy from a female with OFA certified hips at a very low price. I was VERY upset when I posted the initial complaint. Brooke from Brookeside Kennels and Silvermine both deserve an apology from me. SORRY AGIAN BROOKSIDE KENNELS AND SILVERMINE KENNELS.

    Judy Essmann

  • So
      17th of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also purchase a male from this same litter at the same time Judy Essmann had and our Spencer was also found to have hip dysplasia. We have been contacting Brooke for the past 3 years to get a response to our ordeal and her contract of a refund of $200.00 towards a purchase price of $1200.00 for her puppies. This has gone on for far too long. I loved my Spencer he was a great easy going boy, but he too had hip problems from early on and our vet monitored him, then when we had his hips xrayed we found out to our horror that he had bad hips. We sent the xrays to 3 specialists in hip problems at Fox Valley Referral Center and they sent back a report that would make any owner of their PET with this problem let alone a male brought into your bloodline for a sire and find out he has hip dysplasia!!! She knew she lied about Misha, she knew that she did not pass, yet she allowed 7 families purchase puppies from Misha's litter knowing she was not safe to breed! that is irresponsible and harming her own female to produce litters just for the money! NOT for the betterment of the breed at all. When I got the call and the report, all I could do was cry, I cried I could not really believe this! We contacted her and she was going to refund or give us another puppy from a different line and for $400.00 she told me, why pay at all, you should replace that puppy totally, you have the first $1200.00 and then to find out she sold them ALL with breeding rights! What in the world. I dont sell any, we keep our pick and only after Certification do we consider allowing breeding for our own or with another breeder we so trust and know is truthful!!!
    We have never encountered a stubborn irresponsible breeder as with Brooke Sanders Crawford of Brookeside Kennels Albertville, Alabama! We have tried to be excited about a future puppy from a different female but that went through also as she did not pass her ofa from Silvermine either. She then got a male in return for the female, so she said, and we heard from a relative of hers that he was running loose and hit by a car and died! His hips did pass or so they did we do not know for sure, for she has lied to us before or so we were told. We were recently called and informed by a relative of Brooke( she also told her that we would NEVER Get our money back!!! ) This person took these photos and informed us that she contacted the vet, she has the same vet as Brooke, and asked if Misha was examined by and x-rayed her hips, we found out that her vet did not say they were going to be FAIR and OFA would ok them, he said the opposite for Misha's hips at all, in fact he told her NOT to breed her as she had dysplasia and bad! But she indeed bred her and continued to no matter what her vet had told her! That is blatant disregard of her own dog, and then to breed and knowingly do so against her own Vets recommendation! Doing this not only could harm the female with having to carry a litter but also to knowingly allow this litter to be produced and WOULD bring forth puppies that would have hip problems! As a breeder myself we make sure our females are ofa certified and make sure that the sire is OFA certified as well ! Nothing less will do. Brooke still refuses to contact me or Judy other than threatening us if we post a bad review. Well when 3 of the litter has hip dysplasia of 7 that is more than a 20 percent chance! We have just received word that her sire was killed a few weeks ago by getting hit by a car as he was running lose and was killed. Sadly also in that heat spell she lost 4 puppies from her litter as they were forgotten and left outside without water or shade! This person should no longer breed, for she has her dogs living in filth and in tough conditions. Make sure you go to her home to view the mother and puppies first before commiting to a puppy from her. Her contract is not worth the paper it is written on, and make sure you have her phone and residential address so you can go to see where her dogs are kept! I have photos to show if you ask of the conditions that they live in! We have filed local complaints and AKC complaints for a breeder that does not reveal to its buyers her physical address nor allows anyone to come see her home and where the puppies are born and kept! We have also filed complaints as to her misrepresentation of having completed all necessary health testing on said female and males to prove they are what she advertised them to be and in her contract as well. If she did everything to prevent this from happening, OFA would have this on file for her previous female, Misha and did not. I will not take this back, like Judy has, for now we still have been waiting 3 years for our refund of just the $200.00 while she took the 1200.00 from us both and all the other owners, knowing she lied in her statements and in her emails I have them all, and in her contract stating that everything was done to prevent any problems from happening! (without the testing done and proven, you cant guarantee it!!! as simple as that!) .some one that keeps her dogs in this kind of conditions is terrible and we would not recommend her to anyone ever! Puppies are kept in deplorable conditions visit her and DEMAND to SEE HER PLACE OR ANYONES PLACE FIRST! ... Paula Voss, N1889 Holiday Rd., Weyauwega, WI. 54983 (-920-867-4779) all this information of the photos was sent to both Judy Essmann and myself after reading her complaint, and they were taken by a relative of Brookes! She can and will verify all stated here!

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