SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Scam room finder office

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if you are smart avoid totally they got office in midtown manhattan at 1501 Broadway and phone is [protected] - it’s a total SCAM room finder office, and all they do is get a regsitration fee of $150 or more from you straight away when you get to their office and then they just refer you to another room finder agent called american plaza in washington heights uptown manhattan.

When you go to the other office where they send you and find out they want another registration fee you naturally want to go back to the office to get the first registration fee you gave them cause they did nothing but you find out they don’t give refunds cause its just a new york city circle jerk to the MAX!

the only way to get the money back that they ripped from you is to call the cops and that was what I did to get me money so if they did you - like they did me - go to their office call the cops and cops will help you get your $$$$$$ back or you go to the small claims court.

Mar 28, 2017

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