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BrightHouse / Fraud and scam

1 United States

I am a 63 year old married male, Native, Vietnam Veteran, married 40 years, in reasonably good health and sound mind. I am self-employed data base Application Programming and am fairly adept at technology.

When I was a kid, (1958 here in Daytona Beach, Florida), Cable TV was coming and it was going to be commercial FREE, the catch was you had to PAY for it once a advance forward 50 years, you pay an average of $80.00 a month for it and every HOUR of Cable TV you watch 30 minutes ONE HALF OF EVERY HOUR of it is ADVERTISING, of which 11-12 mins of the 30 minutes is BrightHouse s own advertising what great service they have. I used 2 digital kitchen timers and a pad of paper to figure the content vs advertising minute lengths in my calculations. I did not count the many 24-7 infomercials in my calculations. I have searched the Web for a better way to pinpoint accurately how much advertising there is being spewed on to Cable subscribers.

This has been an annoying, steady increase in advertising, steadily rising over the last few years. Now with banner Ads and ghostly popups in the background happening more and more frequency, I have to ask where does it end? When will it ever end ?

I get a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) from BrightHouse for $9.00 a month extra, we record a few things, our son and his wife at the TODAY SHOW in NY on Vacation. One of MY Squadrons Airplanes taking off for an Alpha Strike into North Vietnam, USS Enterprise (1966), (Military Channel). I show to all my friends and neighbors and say how great the DVR is... a month later after 5 or 6 attempts to fix my pixelization problems BrightHouse Cable co.informs me I need a new DVR... ok ..what about the stuff I have saved on it? They say "too bad" the USB ports on the DVR are useless, disabled from the factory for BrightHouse Cable. Nobody at BrightHouse can explain to me WHY the customer can't use the USB ports to SAVE there precious memories/recordings on an inexpensive USB memory flash drive.

I have written many editorials about BrightHouse and submitted to the local mullet wrapper on numerous occasions, they never have seen the light of day. I figured all the media is in cahoots to bombard us all with as much mind numbing AD's as possible.


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