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Breeders Direct / Unauthorized mobile charges

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I bought a poodle that was not available as I was told some weeks later. After realizing my mistake, I called the following day to cancel the transaction and even though I have a conformation number for the cancellation, I am still waiting since October 2nd for a credit on my credit card. I called many times but got only false promises about a credit. BREEDER'S DIRECT still got my money.

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  • Ju
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    breeders direct is a BROKER.. this means you puppies are not comming from responsible breeders..
    "if" your dog dies from "some" heridtery condition they cover it..
    But only if you keep every single food vet and supplement reciept you ever get..

    To bad Hip dysplasia among most of the heridetery issues cause pain and suffering in your pet.. not death.. My dog was SEVERLY displastic..add to the fact that it had no resemblance to the breed it should have been..
    Eeven after feeding the recommended diet.. I did not have all my food reciepts.. and the dog HAD TO BE PUT TO SLEEP.. because unfortunaly as much as I would have liked to do I could not afford the $12000 for the hip replacement for the dog and that was the ONLY option to free this poor dog from pain..

    My friend was smarter found a reputable local breeder.. not only is her dogs looks, temperment and health better.. that breeder will refund her her money if ANYTHING shows up..

    Don't be a fool.. I was!!!

  • De
      7th of May, 2009
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    I agree and have been a victim of Breeder's Direct as well. I am not going to just play dead so to speak. I am going to continue to fight this and seek every avenue to bring them down. I will attack locally and nationally. I want my story and others told to help others from making the same mistake. If you are reading this and know of someone or have yourself been a victim of this company call me at 949-707-1661 or email me at Deb

  • Do
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    this is why puppies are not available and I don't think breeders direct care,
    they sold one of my high quality puppies and refused to call me back & pay me until 1 day before shipping even though their own contract states I will be paid with 3 days of them being paid
    so with them lying to me telling I'll call you back me telling them pay me now as I have other buyers no response back so found another home for puppy and refunded their money a few days after the puppy would have shipped.

    I would not want to sell with breeders direct again as they lie lie lie and should get rid of amy and jennifer

  • De
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I completely sympathize with you. I am finding out every day, just how corrupt this broker company really is. And the sad thing is the credit card companies are enabling them to take complete advantage of the American public and the puppies being peddled for top dollar. I am still working with agencies to get things turned around for both the customers and the puppies. Please call me with any more details and I will do my best to include you in any and all actions taken towards Breeder's Direct. or 949-707-1661 home phone.

  • Br
      5th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    i bought a puppy twice from breeders in the past 2 years & i have never had a problem with my puppy's health or with dealing with the company !

    everything worked out perfect for me !

  • Kr
      15th of Jun, 2009
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    I have sold some of my puppies through breedersdirect and was shocked at the double billing. They almost doubled the price I got paid for my puppy. This is why they don't want you to talk to the customer. I have since stopped using them. I would rather meet the people I sell my puppies to and get less for the puppy. I have a invoice they accidently emailed to me. The cost of shipping and health cert. was added to the customer's bill but I absorbed that cost from my asking price. This means the customer paid twice for shipping. When I contacted they got very defensive. Also they were very reluctant to pay for the puppy. Had to call several times to get paid for puppy. It left me with a bad feeling about them.

  • Sa
      21st of Jun, 2009
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    I have just purchased a dog from Breeders Direct and I have not received the dog you because it has only been a 1/2 days. After reading all of these complaints I am petrified to get the dog from them. I think I will call them tomorrow and see how much money I can get back since it has not been 48 hrs. Please wish me luck.

  • Je
      1st of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I recently purchased a golden retriever puppy from Breeder's Direct and felt reassured by their" Life Time Health Guarantee" It turns out puppy has a congenital liver shunt (80-90% of her blood not being filtered through her liver.) She came to us very small, skinny and refusing to eat. Vet's here did work up and readily diagnosed her with the shunt. Only option for survival is surgery. Contacted breeder's direct promptly and, as requested, faxed all the vet documentation and bills to Jennifer and Amy. Never heard a word back. When I contact them I repeatedly keep getting the run around. No one has ever returned a phone call. They leave me on hold for extended periods, tell me a manager is not available and that I will be contacted. Tell me that I will definitely be contacted by a certain time which I never am. I also feel I have been completely dooped and I paid a premium price. My son and I are very attached to the puppy and are going to bite the bullet to pay for her surgery and hope that she makes it ($2500.00)!! This is tragic!

  • So
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    October 2008 I was also a victim of this group of scam artists. My suggestion to you all is document everything you can. Make copies of everything and contact the fraud department of your credit card company. You will never hear back from Breeders Direct so do not wait until you do. Most credit card companies have a time period starting from the date of purchase for you to file a complaint with them. Do it as soon as you realize you have been ripped off by these people. I was very fortunate. My visa card was credited for the full amount but it took 3 months. You will never get satisfaction from Breeders Direct!!! The people who do this do not care about you or the puppies they are selling. GOOD LUCK!

  • Li
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    I bought a dog from breeders direct for my husband for his birthday. We had asked if the dog could be held until we returned from vacation. The company contacted the "breeder" who told them that this would not be a problem and we would have the dog on the day we returned. My credit card was charged the day of the purchase. Needless to say we did not receive the dog as promised. I called every hour on the hour for three days asking where the dog was and got a different story each time...One time the breeder was driving her grandson to work and couldn't be reached to discuss the matter...Another time the dog was being shipped that afternoon...Another time I was told it was too hot for the dog to be shipped (I checked the temperature and airline regulations and this was another lie)...Another time I was told that it would take three days to book a flight...Another time I was told that the breeder was taking the dog to the vet at the time of the phone call to get a health certificate for the plane...and on and on and on. Finally, I demanded my money back and this became another issue. I continued to call and notified my credit card company about the fraudulent charges. I finally received the credit and will thankfully never have to deal with this insane company again...They made the process of buying a dog so miserable and I wouldn't want anyone else to go through this. Please stay away from them...It is not worth the time and effort.

  • Sa
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    There is a complaint written with my name that I never wrote, I am very upset that someone would do that. I would advice everyone to check anything that has your name it because it might not be yours.

  • Sa
      12th of Aug, 2009
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    I bought a puppy from Breeders Direct in June, when I received the puppy he was a mess, when I brought him to the veteranarian, I found out the puppy had parasites and a knee problem that is hereditary. Before I received the puppy I was having trouble getting him and I ended up speaking to a manager, named Elisa who was very nice and a big help. I called her to let her know what the doctor found and she asked me to fax all the information from the doctor to her. I faxed all the info and she said that Breeders Direct would pay for all the medication I had to buy for the puppy and I asked her who would pay for a knee operation if needed and she told me that Breeders Direct would pay because it was hereditary and not to worry. I finally heard from her about 3 weeks ago telling me that they ok'd paying for the medications, I did not know that a review board has to ok any kind of reimbursement. She said that she would send me a letter that I had to sign to get the payment and I have been waiting and waiting. Finally yesterday a customer relations person named Ashley called me to find out if I received the letter and she said that she would be taking over my account. I told her that I did not want her that I was told by Elisa that she would be in charge of my account. I have put in 4 calls now to Elisa and she has not called me back. Today I faxed the letter that I had to sign and I have not heard from Ashley letting me know that she received it. I tried calling Ashley and of course she was not there and I asked to speak to Elisa and the person who answered the phone said I gave her the message, I became angry and said that this is crazy, I have left 4 messages for her and she is not returning my calls and to let her know that it is important that I speak to her, I will bet you that I do not get a call back. Also, yesterday Ashley called me back to tell me that since the puppy has the knee problem that I have different options if he needs surgery, one would be to return him and then I stopped her right there and told her that I would not return him and why would I return a dog that I have gotten so attached to and have fallen in love with him and that Elisa told me that BREEDERS DIRECT WOULD PAY FOR AN OPERATION and why did she call since the dog is fine and there was no need to call and get me all upset. She gave me some ridiculous answer of why she called and I ended the call. At first I was giving them the benefit of the doubt because Elisa, the manager, was so wonderful about helping me get the dog and getting the money refunded to me for the medications but now it looks like she is not taking my calls and I have this girl named Ashley taking care of my account, I do not like what is going on and if Elisa does not return my call all hell is going blow. I do not like to be treated like this and I told Elisa that there were many complaints about them and she said that she was working on them, so far I do not see any evidence of changes being made.

  • In
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    1. Write them a letter,

    Gwendolyn Camille Pendland, Owner
    c/o Breeders Direct, LLC
    3900 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 101
    Hollywood, Florida 33021

    2. Call them, (954) 237-2285 (Number they have posted on Yahoo) or (800) 315-8995 (number on their website.

    3. Fax them a complaint @ (866) 307-9444 (from website)

    4. Contact your Attorney General and complain.

    5. Contact the Florida Attorney General and complain,

    Office of Attorney General
    State of Florida
    The Capitol PL-01
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

    6. File a complaint online,

    7. File a complaint with Federal Government @

    8. File a written complaint with the Federal Trade Commission @

  • Sa
      16th of Sep, 2009
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    Thank you for the information from the person above, I will keep all the info on hand. I finally got a hold of the manager named Elicia and she is taking care of getting me my refund for the medicine I had to get for my puppy for the parasites he has when he was delivered to me. He is a nice dog but he does not look like a tipical Papillon, Elicia said she would call the breeder, I have not heard from her so I will have to call her tomorrow. She is the only one at Breeders Direct that knows what they are doing, if she ever leaves their, I do not know what I will do. I hope I get my check soon or Elicia will hear from me again. The original person who I spoke to was named Ashley and forget about her, she never calls you back.

  • Ho
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I use to place puppies with this service, But had to stop when things got weird.
    I use to get to talk to the perspective families, got address and phone numbers.

    It was just a screening service for me so I didnt have to spend my time talking to people who were just shopping, I only talked to families once the sales team had gone over everything and when they had specific questions about parents size, training schedules things like that.
    And I wanted to know who was getting my pup. Sometimes I would talk them out of getting 2 which they wanted > Not a good idea .. and once a guy who jogs wanted a Bulldog to go for morning runs> once again Not a good idea.

    Anyway I made some shipping arrangements for a pup and when I called the future home on Sunday she called to tell me she had cancelled the order on Friday and thought someone would have told me.> Nobody called me, e-mailed, texted Nothing.
    The company only had messaging that day so I left a message and the phone call back was to go ahead and send the dog. > No I didnt do that. I re-dialed the perspective home and she still said No, okay they wanted me to force my pup on this person.

    Not going to do that. I did not place anymore puppies for sale with this service. The service changed their name from Any-Pets to the current name or names, then they changed the contract for breeders .
    The office stopped giving breeders the phone numbers shortly before that and I was not allowed to talk to families anymore. They even wanted the reg. papers sent to them not to the new owners. Any place you buy a puppy from should be able to let you talk to the breeder.

    There is no reason a sick pup should not be covered they have the breeders cover the first year, breeders are responsible for med's if needed and replacing a dog for the first year, so if they had a fee to refund the breeders had to do it, the service should have sent any moneys to the buyer they would have gotten it back from the breeder.
    Hope that helps.

  • Sa
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wrote 3 days ago that I finally got a hold of the Manager, named Elicia at Breeders Direct and that she would look into getting the money that I am suppose to be refunded. She called me and said that they were getting ready to cut the check and they were suppose to let her know when the check was to be mailed. Well, Elicia, has quit her job, which I knew was coming and now I have no idea when or if I will receive the check. Elicia was wonderful and will really miss her, she was the only person at Breeders Direct that knew what they were doing and I will miss her very much. From what I heard they treated her terribly and she could not take the stress anymore. Luckily, she and I became friends and I know how to get in touch with her but as a friend, she can no longer help with problems with Breeders Direct. I have no idea when my check will arrive and if I do not receive it by the end of September, I will have my lawyer send them a letter or call them. My puppy is a Papillon and really does not look like one, if it was not for his large ears like Papillons have, I would think he was a mixed breed. He is very tiny for a Papillon and my vet thinks he might be the runt of the litter, I wish I could get in touch with the breeder but of course I cannot because Breeders Direct will not give out their names. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BREEDERS DIRECT TO ANYONE AND EVERY BAD THING THAT ANYONE HAS WRITTEN IS ALL TRUE AND I WISH I NEVER BOUGHT MY PUPPY FROM THEM, ALL I HAVE HAD IS STRESS SINCE THE PUPPY ARRIVED!!! I have grown to love the little guy but he sure does not look like he was suppose to be.

  • Ri
      7th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got ripped off by BD want to do something about this place. Can you please contact me at I'd like to talk to you and or Elecia.


  • Ge
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    MY WIFE AND I CALLED BREEDERS DIRECT ON APRIL 22 2009, gave them a deposit of 650.00 and called again on april 23 and gave them another 1935.58 and on april 25 we tried to cancel the order. they said we would get a full refund. it is now january 21st 2010 and we still do not have a refund . hsbc will not do anything for us, they insist on a cancellation no. which breeder direct never gave us. all we got was a order hsbc says our time period for getting our money back is over. we gave breeders direct 2045.58 and and cant get our money back. we now have to pay hsbc 2045.58 so that makes our total 4, 091.16. how do we fight this? the phone number we called was their more than one breders direct?my email is can a credit card company take money from you and not help when you have been robbed. isnt this illegal?

  • Gm
      16th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased a dog from breeders direct cost me about 4k. The dog had eye problems and had to undergo eye surgery, the surgery was covered under the breeders direct lifetime health guarantee, and they agreed to pay for it. I went through all of their hoops but still have not received the $1, 000 they owe me. It's been about six months! DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM BREEDERS DIRECT!!! If I try calling them and asking for who I need to speak to, they are never in, or are on the phone. I'm Beginning to wonder if these people even exist. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT DOWN!!

  • Th
      15th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    I purchased a puppy from breeders direct back in January of 2009. I forked over $2200 for her and in return I expected the benefit of the lifetime guarantee/customer service e.t.c.

    When the puppy arrived she had an upper respiratory infection and what looked like an eye infection. After several vet visits, and countless amount of antibiotics her eye infection would not clear up. The vet referred me to an eye specialist. My dog was diagnosed with a hereditary eye problem... dry eye. It doesn't sound serious but my dog will be on costly eye drops for the rest of her life. I had ordered a standard yorkie and at only 3lbs she is anything but. I am also sure (as a writer before) that she must have been the runt of the litter but of course cannot find out for certain.

    In April 09, once I had collected all paperwork pertaining to the upper respiratory tract infection and eye issues, I submitted all information to breeders direct as requested. It is now April 10 and I have never, not once, at all receive a phone call back. Apparently the receptionists are the only available people on earth from breeders direct to talk to. When ever I call I am told they will email the Manager (who by the way does not work in the office). I have placed more than 200 phone calls to the company and nothing!

    I am already nearing $5000.00 in total medical bills.


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