Bray and Scarff / Bosch Refrigerator

Re Jan 08, 2016

I had a Bosch Refrigerator delivered April 24 2014. It was delivered with a dent on the right door panel. The installer remarked about the dent and that he had noted it in his report. I spent 2 years calling about the replacement and was repeatedly told "Don't worry, we'll take care of it" but that Bosch was having trouble with the packaging and delivery of their products and it would take a new production run to replace the doors. I was assured by Tom Rys, original salesman at Bray and Scarff that it would take a while but "they would take care of it". After 18 months, I discovered Mr. Rys was not returning my calls because he had passed away. His clients were being dealt with by "Sonny" who found the records and reassured me everything would be taken care of. On 8 January I was told by Bray and Scarff that they would not address this issue for me because the documentation at delivery didn't identify the problem. I had to appeal to Bosch directly but they were doing nothing about it.

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