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Re Dec 15, 2015
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I booked a hotel reservation for 3 nights in Las Vegas on 12/14/2015. The advertised rate was 99 hours $1 down with pay delay so I booked the Linq $88 Avg a night, once I booked it with pay delay I received my email confirmation that showed I’d been charged the full amount for the stay. I immediately made a phone call to the Bookit customer service and The lady helping me (Camille) told me several times that all thing I could do is cancel (Which was going to be $19.95) and re-book, I then asked her “So you’re telling me I have to pay to cancel something that was not my fault then re-book the room again” her answer was “Yea that’s the only way” I then asked to speak with a Supervisor. After about 25 min on hold she came back on the phone and it turns out they had the wrong hotel info on their web page and they also just changed hotel contracts so there was No availability for the pay delay with that hotel and she could not honor the deal or even change it to the pay delay even know it was still on the web site. Bookit gave me a full refund without the cancellation charge then informing me that it would be 7-10 business days for the refund, I then asked to speak with a supervisor and (Camille) asked me for what several times before getting me one. Once on the phone with the supervisor I explained the issue and she stated she was aware of the problem and she had already contacted their IT personal. While on the phone with the Supervisor I informed her I still was able to pull up the same ad I also asked her about another Hotel which she said there were no more rooms for but I was on line while on the phone and able to get to the point to book, I then gave her the search number in the top right hand corner and she pulled up the same thing I did. It seemed like the Supervisors only solution to the problem was to offer me a $50 Best Rate Guarantee coupon which you can only use at certain Hotels like (The Stratosphere, Orleans, Suncoast Hotel and El Cortez Cabana) taking me away from the strip where they rest of my party would be staying. They need to be held accountable for the false advertising and not honoring the agreement they advertise with the consumers. I have booked with Bookit several times before some good some bad but this is looking like this might be my last booking with them.

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