Bonanza Inc. / Bad Cust Support

Cd Oct 01, 2014
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My first dealing with this site, will ultimately be my last. Wish I would have read the reviews before I went on to purchase. The company I dealt with was to send 100ct bottle and only sent 30ct bottle. Normally I would think this is just an honest mistake BUT after reviewing my order I noticed the tag line did not indicate the amount of the bottle count. So before even placing my order I sent the seller a message (THROUGH BONANZA) Making sure it was in fact the 100ct bottle that was for sale. Was assured it so went ahead and purchased. What I do I get in the mail? 30ct bottle. I immediately put in a dispute with Bonanza and waited. Nothing after 5 days so I put in a dispute with Paypal. 30 days after my sale Bonanza finally sends me an email telling me, to contact PAYPAL for resolution. They never even offered to help and it is their company. USER BEWARE! The sellers on this site must know they will not be harmed for duping customers so why not do it

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