Body DetailsPoor Service

Terrible place, DO NOT GO THERE!!! Their customer service is just awful and unprofessional. I have been going to body details for 4 years to remove my tattoos and they are still there! They don't give you the right expectation when you sign up, I feel like they just wanted to take my money. I recently moved out of Florida to Virginia and asked if they were affiliated with another company so that I can continue my treatments since I purchased their lifetime package, I informed Jennifer that I will not be flying down to Florida anymore since I don't have ay family there and she replied that I don't need to fly down I can just drive to Miami, . I am guessing she does not know how many miles there betweenVirginia and Florida. I then asked to please speak with someone else and she kept going in circles and kept avoiding my quetions. She then states that she see some fading in my tattoos but that since I am dark skinned it might take longer to fade. I am not sure who's picture she was looking at because I am hispanic white.
I then proceeded to call the Coral Gables office and asked if I could please speak with someone else, they informed me that I needed to submit my complaints directly in their website. I have submitted my complaints to the company website and via their surveys and I am yet to hear back from corporate.
I called the Coral Gables office again to today to try and get a solution, they told me to stop calling them, that they don't handle complaints. The manager at the location Andrea didn't even let me speak, she just said to stop calling her.
I can't get a hold of corporate and the office where I purchased my service does not want to help.
Don't spend your money at this place, they do not care about their customers all they care about is taking your money!

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