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Well where to begin. I found the blu cig electronic cigarettes on an ad on a file sharing site. That should have been my first clue. I have never seen any ads elsewhere from any legitimate sites. I wanted to try and quit smoking so i ordered the more expensive premier pack with the social networking features. They said I had 30 days to try it out and if i didnt like it i could send it back. So i bought that pack and a couple extra cartridge packs to get over a hundred dollars for free shipping.

well it took me a week to get used to it and to figure out how to smoke it. By the time i learned how to smoke it one of the batteries went bad. I got maybe 20 hits off of it before the unit would die. Anyhow i went and bought another battery and received it bout 7 days after placing the order.Now here i am smoking it and now i cant firgure out why after i took about 20 hits i wouldnt get a good hit anymore. So i decided to take apart one of the cartridges to see what was on the inside. I went to youtube and watched some videos and then took my cartridge apart. The reason I wasnt getting good hits was because they use some type of soft fibers around where the nicotine was and after a little bit it would get sopping wet. It was harder for the thing to let you get a good hit after that. The videos i watched on youtube showed that other companies use some type of metal mesh around where the nicotine went which would never get sopping wet which allowed you to always get a good hit.

So i decided to return them and try a different kind of electronic cigarette. This is where the trouble started.

First i call them up and say i would like to return these on the 30 day gurantee. they said well you only have a couple of days to get them back to us. I said what do you mean i have 30 days to try this product. Apparently you do not get 30 days. You get 3 weeks.. You have to return this stuff to them before the 30 days and if you dont you are stuck with them. 30 days means to me that i have 30 days to try the product. Its sort of a bait and switch. Fine i said i can have back to you by that time.

So i package up the product and even include the the original 5 cartridges that came with what i ordered because they said you have to return everything that came with the unit. I had all the paperwork it came with which was about 5 little cards all saying the same thing. and even included the original 5 cartridges which i have already stated. I spent 12 dollars shipping it back.

They received it a day early and i call up to make sure everything was going ok and guess what...they said the cord was missing and i would be charged for that. I never had a cord i only had the wall adapter and the usb adapter and because i didnt know better i only ever used those two items to charge the batteries. they said the cord would have been used to charge the pack. i never charged the pack nor did i ever carry it with me beyond that first time.

every time i ask to speak with a manager they dont want you to. The first time there was no manager there. I said fine. I call back the next day and guess what it would take 2 days for a call back that the manager was busy. I called back again and a woman answers the phone and says she is not at his desk.

She and his doesnt make sense. i beleive they lie about the manager and just dont want to be bothered by you.

This whole ordeal has left a terrible taste in my mouth. Never again. I am also going to post this same section of text in a couple of other places mostly because i hate typing and only do so when i feel i have been wronged by someone. I would hate to have to retype this so ill just copy and paste.

before you buy from the blucig people watch youtube videos and maybe you will find a company that is better with a better product.

1. You dont get a full 30 days trial

2. the customer service people lied about things

3. they nickel and dime you.

4. the original cartridges that come with it dont have that much nicotiune in them

5. poor customer service.

6 12.95 for a usb cord is overpriced. I beleive they know everything that is going on and when someone wants to return the items they just dont like it and want to cause problems.

7. There must be a reason they only advertise on file sharing websites

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  • Pe
      Jun 19, 2013

    I bought the starter kit for Blu cigs about two months ago and I'm not happy with it. Two weeks after I purchased it one of the batteries went belly up, just this morning the charging box and the backup battery is no longer working. Paying $69.99 for something that doesn't last any longer than eight weeks is a big disappointment, also I don't have $69.99 to just throw away like this. they also DO NOT taste like a real cigarette. Blu cigs has lost my business to METRO PREMIUM CIGARETTES they taste like a real cigarette and at a cost of $49.99 for the starter kit that I can afford.

    Thank you,
    Peggy DeMers

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