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Blockbuster / illegal hold charges on credit card

1 397 Stone Ridge LaneGahanna, OH, United States Review updated:

Blockbuster has all employees deceptively placing a "hold" on all customers' credit cards who pay CASH for a transaction. Presently, after my hubby rented a game for our special needs son (only reason we still go there after 15 years) on Saturday. He paid CASH. Blockbuster placed a $1.00 hold on our credit card and it is still there and it is now Friday! Blockbuster was not and is not authorized by us or any customer who pays CASH to place any amount of charge on a customer's credit card. I first caught the sales clerk doing this... she rang up the movies/games, scanned my 15 year old Blockbuster card, gave me the total and as I was getting my CASH out, she ran a credit card tape, snatched it off the machine, crumpled it and threw it away. I had to get pretty hot to get her to get it out of the trash and give it to me. It was the ILLEGAL credit card charge! She would not reverse it saying that's what the Manager told her to do. Manager refused. On a subsequent visit I specifically told the clerk NOT to dink my credit card or it would be theft - he did it anyway - after I left. This is theft by deception, and the sales clerks know it, as does Blockbuster. It is criminal.

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  • Re
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    You took the words right out of my mouth, Jason! LMAO +1 for you!

  • Li
      28th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    The charge to credit card is usually for about $1 and is put back on the card within 3 business days, usually sooner. This is done because games are expensive and a lot of the times they are not returned, costing the store money. The dollar at least ensures that there's a possibility of getting the money for the product back. Granted they should have told you about this policy and that's there's no need for a refund as the money is replaced.

    Even though they didn't mention it to you, it's posted in the store under the policies (a big blue sign with all of blockbusters policies listed). And it's clearly stated on the contract you signed (even one from 15 years ago!)

    Hope this explains everything!!

  • Su
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    Curious. The $1.00 secret debit on our credit card only began this year - NEVER happened before though BB has always had one of our credit cards on file.

    More Curious. When confronted, even the BB manager could not POINT to anything in writing that would have served as legally required DISCLOSURE.

    Most Curious. The clerks continue to grab the credit charge slip and throw it away for the singular PURPOSE OF HIDING IT FROM THE CUSTOMERS.

    Actual policy is that BB requires a valid credit card to charge in the event an item is not returned. Until that event occurs (i.e. the item is way past the due date), they have NO legal authority to charge a customer's credit card.

  • Ch
      25th of Oct, 2009
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    BBV pre authorizes the credit card(simply we pend a dollar at it to make sure its a valid credit card). It is done ON ALL PS3 X360 and wii rental transactions if you pay cash or not. You need to read the terms of your membership. It's not illegal. THE MONEY GOES BACK IN YOUR ACCOUNT!!! It's not theft.

  • Bb
      7th of Nov, 2009
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    HAHA theft by deception. Well its a preauthorization. to check youre not a dead beat who rents out 65 dollar games for 10 bucks and keeps them never to return again. We check to see if your card has money actually on it and not just some front. The dollar is checked, returned and never kept, unless of course you want to keep that expensive game.

  • He
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    Well, SUZY-Q I work at Blockbuster the reason for the $1.00 charge on the credit card is to make sure that the credit card that you do use for your account can be billed if you decide to never bring back the video game. As a company, they did not have a choice people were not bringing the games back and the stores lost a lot of money. A business has a right to put a hold on a person's account to ensure the business of Blockbuster will not have to put out unnecessary money for stolen videogames games are pricey today. People should bring everything back on time otherwise they would not be charged for the game. Maybe the libraries don't care but then again the library is a government establishment Blockbuster is not!

  • St
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    I'm a bb member of almost 20 years. I've never had any issues with renting until the past 3 years. From the beginning, i never had a cc on file. I returned videos when they are due, and like everyone, may be late once in a blue moon and pay late fees on my next rental. Ever since about 3 years ago, they started asking me to add a cc on file, i refused and they let me rent anyway. Games as well as videos. Recently about a year ago, they required me to put a cc on file to rent Games. Well i refused and they said theres nothing that can be done. I said well, looks like my business is going elseware for games. I now rent games online. They lost my business renting games. Now just today, a hasty employee there rudely insulted me in front of all the customers. I was renting videos which i have been doing without a credit card, but this time, she said i can't rent to you without a credit card. She said its required by policy. I said i'm a member of 20 years and never had a problem and my records speaks for itself. I've been coming to this particular bb for 5 + years and don't feel comfortable having my cc on file for you to bill anytime you want, of course knowing exactly what you all already know about their policy She said, well then go rent somewhere else, nastly. We'll at this point i was furious called over a manager and he overrided it and let me go without a cc. However when the manager left, she came to me and said, next week don't bother to come back unless you have cc on file.

    I"m like WTF. This put a very bad taste in my mouth and this is the main reason they are doing so poorly. 1.) I have no problem with them requiring a credit cards for new customers or members who have a history of lateness, but its one of those storys that stay, why should we all pay for another persons mistake. 2.) Their service is terrible, rude and have gotten down hill over the years. 3.) They will go out of business for sure, just a matter of time if they stay their course.

    I'm a firm believer that people talk, and as such one persons feeling toward bb can go a long way with others. I'm sure there are others that know exactly what i'm talking about. If bb wants to survive they have to start listening to their customers, after all without us, they are nothing.

    So my recommendation, switch while you can, unless you found a branch that treats you the way you shoudl be treated, fairly and justifyably. In my case, as long as that one 3 headed women is there, I won't be, PERIOD!.

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