Biolife Plasma Servicesemployee complaint

Da Dec 03, 2018 Riverton, UT

What are your companies rules for keeping your customers safe or discreet when donating plasma at biolife centers?
One of your employees named kristi iwakane at the riverton, utah location was nasty enough to take pictures/ videos and make fun of clients in that facility by filming while being at work! It sickens me that there is no such thing as privacy anymore and that people have to worry that either their name or picture gets thrown out there on social media while doing something good.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Riverton, UT
You need to take a deep look on who you let work for your company. Krist is clearly not trustworthy and a shame for doing such thing while at work. I can't express and stress how much this bothers and upsets me. It should be against policy to have their phones out and be able to do such thing.
And on top of all of that she even posted it on social media!!! She has no permission from anyone to do such thing!!! I'm sure other patients would hate and feel the same way if they found out about this!

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