Bio Life Plasma Centerterrible customer service

Dr Dec 16, 2014 Boise, ID

I made an appointment to donate plasma, and I arrived 15 minutes early, expecting to spend a little time filling out paperwork and verifying my identity. We waited in line for 15 minutes, and then we waited for an hour in the waiting area before I was even called forward. I was put through a host of poking and prodding, and then I had to fill out a very long questionnaire. By this time, I had been at the center for over 90 minutes. I have dyslexia, and I was tired, so I must have missed a few questions because the medical personnel said I couldn't donate without my doctor's written permission. When I asked why I had to get that, they wouldn't even tell me what was going on.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Boise, ID They just said it was their rules, but this is my medical history and my questionnaire, and they didn't even give me information regarding my self! By this time, it had been over two hours. I was really frustrated, and so I left. There is zero customer service at this plasma donation center. They run you through like cows to slaughter and have no interpersonal, communication, or customer service skills. I was very disappointed. Perhaps I will try their competitor, and perhaps i'll just forget about giving plasma. I understand the medical profession is very touchy about potential hazards, but the questionnaires were ridiculous and asked the same questions over and over. There were over 10 questions just about ebola; concise and efficient just don't seem to be two things they know anything about. Definitely not efficient!! Don't donate plasma here! Go to the competitor!

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