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This seems to be a common occurrence with bigpoint dark orbit. I was suspended from the game this weekend (11/26/2016) with game support person refusing to move up my support ticket request to a supervisor and claiming chat rule infractions occurred causing the suspension which were bogus. I have spent a large amount of money over the course of [protected] that can be confirmed with paypal and my bank statements. I just restarted playing in May 2016 after a 4 year break (got fed up with the support bull) when I heard the game got bought out and rebuilt my game account with more equipment, and just purchased a game pack, booster subscriptions, premium subscription and they are claiming no refund is possible. Could you recommend who to contact about this and possibly a link that lists internet law specialists to pursue this further. Based on this forum alone, sounds like Dark Orbit Support does this regularly. Thousands of dollars have been spent over the course of years that has now been suspended for unfounded cause and because they refused a refund and I mentioned possibly pursuing legal action they closed all open support ticket inquiries and stated no further communication could occur except through their legal department. The tab they mentioned for Legal Information only provides mail address and 1 is for 1 state and another is for a different state. Advice? Thanks

I see previous claims such as mine have been filed here before:

Dec 03, 2016

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