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We went in to look at a car which we saw on autotrader.After looking at it with a very pushy salesman we were told that we could hold the vehicle with a refundable deposit.

We were given finance options but not explained the total cost after finance. The salesman said we would have to work that out ourselves, however not giving us room to breathe!! We were taken to a room and they took £500 deposit before letting us test drive the car. Always being told it was 'refundable' They then chat mindlessly to you in order to take your mind off reading the small print.

When we returned home we quickly got our calculator out and realised the extortionate interest rate we were given and that the car would literally cost thousands by the end of five years.

We read the small print and noted that there would be no key and that the salesman should have advised us the mileage may not be correct!!!

When we phoned the next morning to cancel we was told deposit not refundable. We looked at this car at 6pm on a sunday afternoon just before they shut. We told them we didn't want it at 9am on Monday morning.

Plenty of notice and with good reasons. We was told that finance would contact us to no avail.

THis company are sharks, - they are finely trained actors who use tactics and LIE!!!We want our money back - NOW

Sep 11, 2014

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