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Bidding Buzz / Rip Off

1 Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I looked into the Bidding Buzz program and ultimately IT IS A MASSIVE WASTE OF MONEY!!! I didn't know anything about ebay and so I read Matt & Amanda Clarksons "The Magic of Making Money on Ebay" and then read Their "1001 ebay Success Secrets".

The books did give me a starting point and I did learn some things but the books read like a very long infomertial. The aim of these books is to up sell you to their bidding buzz programs.

I decided to register for the free report and DVD relating to Bidding Buzz (it is advertised at the bottom of every second page.)
THERE IS NO FREE REPORT OR DVD. It just allows a sales person to contact you. They want to discuss your individual situation so they know what information to send you. TOTAL ###! In a scripted conversation the sales person wants to steer you toward buying their bidding buzz program costing $4000! (their are others ranging from $1000 to $75, 000)

For me this was a lot of money and since I had read two of their books I wanted to know some detail about the course and how the course content differed from the books. She wouldn't provide me with this info only saying that i would receive two 400 page ring bound folders of information.
And that the number of pages should indicate the kind of detail provided. In short i continued to press for some course content detail but none was given.

She kept trying to get back to her script and was quite rude, arrogant and dismissive of my needs, she continually talked over me and was not trying to help me, she just argued.
It's worth noting that in both books I read, the information was repeated several times, especially in "1001 ebay Success Secrets" so they barely had enough material to fill a 200 page book. So to pay $4000 for a manual which would probably cover more of the same was a CON!
By the way i found out later that the 400 page ring bound books are only 300pages. Also you can buy the entire $4000 program on ebay for $1500 -$2000.
Anyway I asked her to send me more material to which she replied " We'll i'm not sure you are serious about the program!!" she reluctantly emailed me more Info. Surprise Surprise it was 80% the same info as what appears on the Bidding Buzz website. Self promotion and testimonials about how lives have been transformed but no course detail. After repeatedly asking for course content detail and getting generic advertising I cancelled my follow up appointment. Bidding Buzz is a TOTAL RIP OFF!!! DO NOT PAY $4000 for basic ebay information.
Since my bidding buzz enquiry I have found many other ebay seller books and online coaching wedsites that provide much more substatial information and are either FREE or have monthly membership fees of between $10 - $25 per month and no lock in contracts. Through Bidding Buzz You may get some information on how to sell on ebay but it will be very basic. Buy the books for $35 but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER EVER INVEST IN THE BIDDING BUZZ PROGRAMS.

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