Biblesoftmy pc study bible v5 professional now works fine with windows 10

I have been reading for over a year how my V5 Professional PC Study Bible will not work with Windows 10 or will work poorly. It did work bad at first (like for a year), and I had to keep clicking on an error message like 50 or so times before it would load. But it would have initially cost me around $600 to upgrade to their One Touch. I have had PC Study Bible since 1980s in seminary, and was feeling a bit abused by the money they wanted for their upgrade, even at later 20% and 60% off. The later discounts make me wonder how much the program really cost them and how much profit they were making (lots?). Nobody asked for a new overhaul of the program or the financial hit. In my opinion, this was a bad business decision on Biblesoft's part.

Good new is that my program suddenly started working flawlessly about two months ago, and I believe that it may be due to a recent Windows 10 update. No more hang ups at loading. All my program is there and working great. I am glad that I didn't send these people my money, and am sorry for those of you who did. I would never send these people another penny of my money.

Jul 29, 2018

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