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Beware of Gladstone M. Brown / Gladstone M. Brown

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

Beware of Gladstone M. Brown of Houston Texas known as MEC Holdings. He is known Fraud and is know for Scams and hot check writing knowing the state Texas does nothing on Hot Checks! He provided information for Check by Phone ordering house plans and commercial stock plans in the amount of $10, 000 from my company. The check information he gave was on an account closed for over a year after we investigated him when his check was no good. We first contacted him and he said he would replace the check and never did. Our investigators and attorneys went by all locations including what appeared to be his residence and he had moved.

He has a past record of scams and fraud while claming to have an MBA in business and finance. He presents himself has the Real Estate authority with many years experience and all is false and his sole motive is to take advantage of you. So beware of any and all Real Estate ventures or claims. He has been known to be in the Tampa Florida area and now he may be back in Houston.

If you have nay information on Gladstone brown please contact my office, [protected] or [protected] for Michael Nelson and will gather the information for the authorities. His where about will lead to arrest.

Here is a You Tube link to a detailed video.

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  • Gl
      10th of Jan, 2011
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    First Mr, Nelson I'm not hard to find I have a very unique name and my company name has been the same for over 15 years, and at the same address for at least 8. If your claim of me writing you a check in that large of an amount had any merit the lawsuit you file in Harris County Circuit Court would have not been dismissed for lack of merit (File number 763926182 ) and believe me if i wrote you a worthless check HCDA would have prosecuted to the fullest. also it is clear you don't know me or have every interacted with me or anyone that knows me because regardless what anyone feels about me personal no one denies my professional experience or real estate knowledge. Your investigators could have not been working very hard; Here is my mailing address and Telephone number: 5821 Southwest Freeway Suite 300 Houston Texas 77051 Direct 832-524-1786 also my Attorney will be contacting you concerning your false claims. Gladstone Brown

  • Mi
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    Gladstone Brown

    What you say has no merit and anyone that knows you knows you are a con. We have attempted through legal channels as well as collection companies to get you to respond. Now you come forward after you are exposed with contact information. While in the last 2 years from Houston to Tampa you have made ever effort to avoid all calls by changing address and numbers. There has been investigators look at all locations you once claimed and were no more nor had forward address.

    So while you want to show corporation, if you would have done that 2 years ago when we would not be talking now. You had a chance to make good on your check that is well documented and you were to have given a replacement by a date and you disappear and change your numbers.

    Welcome to what the internet can do to sniff out a True Con!

  • Ju
      13th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Gladstone Brown is indeed a true conman. He recently took advantage of me in that I was attempting to purchase a piece of commercial real estate and Gladstone found my proposal on a website that supposedly partners accredited investors with everyday people who need funding for their real estate deals. I then sent Gladstone due diligence money for two commercial deals totalling $8000 at the end of 2010, and have yet to close on either property. Gladstone came up with excuse after excuse as to why we weren't able to close on the properties. In the end Gladstone blamed the seller's attorney, saying she wasn't cooperative, and still won't furnish a copy of appraisals or inspections for either property. When I asked for my due diligence fees back he was always agreeable and said he'll get the release paperwork sent over the same day, but the result was always the same, no paperwork, no refund. I'm currently in the process of building a case with the FBI against Gladstone, and they are very interested in Mr. Brown's dealings I must say. If you are looking to invest in real estate stay away from Gladstone Brown. He is a liar and will tell you anything to string you along as long as he possibly can.

  • Mi
      16th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    The Grace issue will die as he will not get out of jail. Stepehn R Grace and Joann have run their last fraud as the system has caught up with them. Joann is next and she too will be held accoutnable too the fullest extent of the law. Now he is back in Arkansas it is just a matter of time before others come forward with their info and or claims agaisnt them. If anyone has had issue with Stepehen R Grace and Joann please let me know. 870-219-1019. If they have stolen from you or you have committed a fraud against you, you need to come forward to file potentail charges to make sure your issue is heard.

  • Mi
      18th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    In posting this article to inform people of the wrong doings of Gladstone M. Brown as to warn others, I have received a many calls from ones that claim they have been taken advantage of and lost money as a result of the con actions by Brown. He so much is a con that he tries to reply to this about him while continuing to screw others out of money in bogus Real Estate deals. It is my understanding that ones are in the process of filing charges against Brown and he should be arrested under the laws of Texas to stop this from continuing.

    If you have had issues with Brown please call 870-219-1019!

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